Waltzing Mephisto - 2003 - Black Lotus
The Blow Of Furious Winds - 2005 - Sleaszy Rider


S= Opposite Sides>>MARTYR LUCIFER>Opposite Sides
G= Opposite Sides>>SHRED BLAST HYPNOS>>Opposite Sides
B= Opposite Sides>>MARTYR LUCIFER>>Opposite Sides
D= Ancient, Doomsword, Psychorder, Hate Profile>>GROM [DIEGO MERAVIGLIA]>>Ancient, Doomsword, Psychorder, Hate Profile


The band was formed in 1996 in Rimini, Italy and featured members like guitarist LB and drummer Thomas. Hortus Animae (Latin for the Garden of Souls) had a demo entitled An Abode For Spirit And Flesh in 1998 and one called The Melting Idols in 2000. The membership on the debut full-length featured Ancient drummer Grom. After the album a new member, Amon 418 from the band Baratro, joined Hortus Animae. Later on the core members also resurrected a death metal side project called Opposite Sides and also appeared on a compilation with a Dead Can Dance song. The band had played with Napalm Death and Lacuna Coil, among others, by this point.
The band recorded an album called The Blow Of Furious Winds in late 2004 at The Outer Sound Studio. New Greek label, Sleaszy Rider Records announced September 12th as the release date for the new album.


Hortus Animae is a teetering foray into the domain of the spineless. That being the land inhabited by third-rate bands claiming to be metal, when in fact the band has adopted elements of the art form for its goth rock music. So, is the band Finnish? Close. The four Italians have borrowed the top hat from Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, the mask from zorro and posed with a violin, piano and fiddle - and for good measure sat a female model in the photograph as well!
The band might pay tribute to Death's Chuck Schuldiner and claim a black metal existence, but the band's delivery is an amalgam of goth, pop, electronica and fair grounds music. Imagine a mixture of Cradle Of Filth, Satyricon and Solefald all drenched in extra loads of feeble instrumentation. At that point, the band's trendy image is just the icing on the vomit heap. The erstwhile-demo features drummer Grom of Ancient. Indeed the individual band members can play their respective instruments, but the fact is that the goth rockers do not have a song of which to speak. In fact, the proceedings sound like a collection of individual solos, bass rhythms, keyboards, screams, etc. assembled onto one disc by the sole grace of the sound engineer. Not that it matters really. Hortus Animae is unlikely to be of interest to anyone reading a review on a heavy metal web site. - Ali "The Metallian"


Hortus Animae