The Bloodwine Of Satan – 2016 - Iron Bonehead

Hostium image
S= Nordwind>>NECROVERMIN>>Nordwind

G= Nordwind, Godless North, Antichrist>>NECROVERMIN>>Nordwind, Godless North, Antichrist

B= Godless North, Nordwind, Antichrist>>CHERNOBOG>>Godless North, Nordwind, Antichrist

D= Gloria Diaboli, Kafirun, Nordwind, Omnipotence, Vastatum>>LUZIFAUST [TREVOR KING]>>Kafirun, Nordwind, Omnipotence, Vastatum

History & Biography
Active since 2007, Hostium is a Western Canada-based black metal band. Its inaugural release was a demo called Pissing Incest On The Virginborn in 2008. The band went on hiatus until The Bloodwine Of Satan emerged eight years later. The members had been otherwise more concerned with Godless North, which itself disbanded in 2013. Chernobog was introduced for this release. The band also contributed tracks to a compilation courtesy of Darker Than Black Records.