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S= Obscene>>Jani Ruhala>>Obscene

G= Macrodex, Leukemia>>MATTIAS KENHED>>Macrodex, Leukemia, Burning Kitchen - Macrodex>>MARTIN LARSSON>>Macrodex, At The Gates, Skitsystem, Bombs Of Hades, Agrimonia

B= Obscene, Macrodex, Asmodeus>>STEFAN KÄLLERSSON>>Crypt Of Kerberos

D= Macrodex>>Jani Mylläringen - Leukemia, Misery>>KENTHA PHILIPSON>>Leukemia, Rosicrucian, Odyssey, The Project Hate, Dark Funeral, God Among Insects, Torture Division, Grave, Kadaverkult, Domedagen, Absurdeity

History & Biography
House Of Usher - named after an Edgar Allan Poe story and a horror film - was one of the earlier death metal bands from Sweden. The band had a 1991 EP called On The Very Verge which was issued through Italy's Obscure Plasma Records. The band was also featured on the Projections Of A Stained Mind sampler. Another demo was issued with bassist Stefan on vocals as well in 1993, yet the group dissolved after a mere three years.



House Of Usher