Death... But Not Buried - 1999 - Displeased
Embrace Damnation - 2000 - Displeased
Rage Inside The Womb - 2002 - Osmose
Damage Assessment - 2003 - Osmose
Bestial Atrocity - 2010 - Sevared

Houwitser image
S= Sinister>>Mike Van Mastrigt>>Sorcerer, Death Squad, Neocaesar - Canister, Sublustris>>Arjaan "Djortzzz" Kampman - Stan Blonk

G= Sinister>>Michel Alderliefsten>>Sinister, Khaoz, Neocaesar, Bloodphemy - Sinister, Thanatos, Infinited Hate>>Aad>>Sinister, Thanatos, Infinited Hate, Weapons To Hunt, Voracious Scourge - Sadistic, Unexpected, Sinister>>Alex Paul>>Sinister, No Face Slave - RICHARD GIELEN - Sinister, Khaoz, Neocaesar, Bloodphemy>>MICHEL ALDERLIEFSTEN>>Khaoz, Neocaesar, Bloodphemy

B= Judgement Day>>Theo Van Eekelen>> Siege Of Power - Debauchery>>Ramon Ploeg>>Bleeding Gods, Empire Of The Scourged, Bleeding Gods

D= Sinister, Monastery, Golly Beings, Liar Of Golgotha, Thanatos, Infinited Hate>>Aad>>Sinister, Thanatos, Golly Beings, Infinited Hate, No Face Slave - Blind Justice, Altar, Thanatos>>Marco De Groot>>Thanatos, Usurper, Radiathor

History & Biography
The Dutch warlords came together in 1997 as an offshoot of Sinister and eventually began to exchange members with that better-established band. Houwister recorded a six-song promo which quickly brought the band a contract with Displeased Records. Singer Mike stayed for one album and was soon replaced by Arjaan. The latter would leave in late 2000. Houwitser signed to Osmose Productions to start 2000 and was playing the Fuck The Commerce IV festival. The festival would take place on 24 to 26th of May and featured bands like Cryptopsy, Groinchurn and Desaster. Michel left in 2002 and the band continued as a quartet for two years. The band called it a day in 2004 after being dropped by Osmose Production with several members vowing to continue on elsewhere. Death... But Not Buried was reissued in late 2004 with bonus tracks.

The band reformed in the spring of 2009 and recorded a new two-track demo called Sledgehammer Redemption. The band, Stan Blonk - vocals, Richard Gielen and Michel Alderliefsten - guitar, Ramon Ploeg - bass and Marco De Groot - drums, was searching for a label. Houwitser completed work on its fifth album, Bestial Atrocity, in May of 2010 which was due later that year through Sevared Records. In the autumn of 2011, Houwitser lost vocalist Stan Blonk and drummer Marco De Groot. Blonk left the band for the famous “personal reasons” and was replaced for the band’s final two shows of 2011 by Mike Van Mastrigt (Sinister and Houwitser). The group was searching for a permanent new singer. Marco's replacement was Marten Van Kruijssen (Dictated). He was the band’s temporary drummer for the last two Houwitser shows. Bassist Ramon Ploeg left the band in 2012 citing work pressures. The band sought a replacement. The band recruited bassist Roderick Ras of Diatryma. Ras’ live debut with the band was on July 14th, 2012 at the Obscene Extreme festival. Houwitser was also rejoined by its original singer Mike Van Mastrigt. The band also recruited Marten van Kruijssen (Dictated and Nibirus) as its new drummer. Former bassist Ramon Ploeg had a new 2012 band called Bleeding Gods, in which he played guitar. Moscow Atrocity was a full-length video from 2012. Mike returned on vocals in 2012.


We might be discussing Houwitser the Dutch band, but really what is the difference? This might as well have been a weapon of death and destruction. In thirty succinct minutes the (once-again) revamped line-up gets down to busy without much ado - just like the weapon after which it is named. The riffs are simple and straightforward, as are the ripping solos recorded atop them. The band assaults the senses with the sophistication of a machine gun and has taken it upon itself to record a maximum number of samples featuring the sounds of all manner of weaponry. Houwitser has always been the little brother to Sinister and, unsurprisingly, a song like Paradise To Purgatory sounds as if it originates from the Hate sessions of Sinister. The title track is another notable song with its lower register vocalising. One weak point worth noting are the drums which come across as half-baked and rudimentary.
All in all, the album is true to the band's name and is a direct assault that is both Sinister and heavy. Damage Assessment:: high! - Ali "The Metallian"