Stonehenge>>HUINCA - CHILE

Sic Semper Tyrannis - 2012 - DigiMetalWorld

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G= Saken, Stonehenge>>Jorge "Cocke" Cumplido - Stonehenge>>MAURICIO CONTRERAS

B= Stonehenge>>Flavio Salas>>Fuka

D= Stonehenge>>Miguel Yanez

History & Biography
This Chilean band was formed as Stonehenge in 2001. It hails from Santiago, the country’s capital. The line-up remained remarkably through the name change and subsequent self-titled demo of 2003. A Canadian company called LHDLB distributed the disc; the group’s debut full-length album was issued in 2012. It was distributed in the USA by MVD. America Letrina was a 2019 demo.

The band purports to mix heavy metal with folk rock. The band toured Europe in 2006. It has also played festivals in South America.


First off, the label Digimetalworld is not a 'download' only label. This is an actual disc.
Huinca is a Chilean album and states that it combines metal with traditional indigenous Chilean music and folklore. Indeed, the band’s music is sometimes called folk metal.
Musically, the band did not need the dim-witted description to fall apart. The depiction is silly and contradictory because metal is a bond among brothers and sisters across borders. Metal transcends nationalities and ethnicities. To emphasize folklore and local sounds is to be as silly as failed entities like Amorphis and the drunkard trash of Finland. Back to the music, and as said, the output is weak and haphazard. There is little here that can be called a 'song.' These tracks are a culmination of a singer that tries to be rough a la Pantera, a bunch of pounding riffs that go nowhere fast and have no connection to another and some tribal drumming. The last factor is no better or worse than when Sepultura tried its Roots nonsense - and quickly went down the tube. Huinca will fare no better. - Ali “The Metallian”