From The Grave They Crawl – 2016 - Horror Pain Gore Death

Human Compost image
S= Creep Colony, Envenomation, GraveGravy, Vesication, Brain Spasm, Gravitational Distortion>>GEOFF HODSMAN>>GraveGravy, Vesication, Brain Spasm, Gravitational Distortion

G= Serpents Spawn, Vesication>>EDDIE PHAROAH>>Vesication - Xyphos, Serene Molestation>>ANDREW POWER>>Serene Molestation

B= Serene Molestation, Befouled Serenity, Brain Spasm, Akatharta>>CHRIS SABBATH>>Befouled Serenity, Brain Spasm, Akatharta

D= Serene Molestation>>ALLEN L.>>Serene Molestation

History & Biography
Toronto, Canada-based gore metal band Human Compost had a compilation album called Exhumations Of Death And Horror out through Horror Pain Gore Death on April 13th 2018. The group’s initial formation was 2008, but nothing transpired until 2013 when the Degradation Of A Virgin Corpse demo/news report arrived. Torn Flesh Records issued it and also released the band’s The Cold Flesh EP. With the subsequent demo, Reduced To Human Sludge, the group protested the state of hotel room bathrooms in Holiday Inn hotels. Andrew Power joined in 2015.



Human Compost