Lord Of Earth And Heaven's Heir - 2001 - Limb
Defenders Of The Crown - 2003 - Massacre
Eternal Empire - 2008 – Massacre
Raided Land – 2013 – AFM
Thieves of The Night – 2016 – AFM
Reign Of Gold – 2019 - AFM

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History & Biography
Human Fortress from the north of Germany arose from the ashes of Timezone minus the vocals of Michaela Senger. The formation happened in 1997. The band issued a self-titled demo and was signed by Limb for its debut full-length, which was issued by ex-Victory guitarist Tommy Newton. Guitarist Volker Trost and keyboard player Dirk Marquardt left at the end of 2003. The band reappeared in 2008 with a revamped line-up. By this time Parcharidis had joined the return of former Accept guitarist Hermann Frank. Human Fortress once again lost singer Jioti Parcharidis in May of 2010. The vocalist, who had rejoined the band in 2009 after leaving prior to the recording of 2008's Eternal Empire, "has serious health problems, so it's not possible for him to sing any longer for Human Fortress or any other band." The band was seeking a replacement.

After a five-year hiatus Human Fortress returned in 2013 and signed a deal with AFM Records. The band had a 2013 record ready featuring new Brazilian singer Gus Monsanto (ex-Revolution Renaissance and Adagio). The band sounded more modern compared to its founding days.


Past an appropriate and majestic cover art, newcomer and German band Human Fortress (formerly Timezone) has created a lengthy album akin to a meeting of Angel Dust with Jeff Scott Soto. Human Fortress is previously the winner of a bands contest in Germany and appeared on Rock Hard's unsigned bands CD. Resulting in a contract with Limb, the band has signed up for a collaboration with producer Tommy Newton and followed the rest of the bandwagon and installed keyboards where none belong. At least they remain docile in the mix. Aside from the aforementioned, Human Fortress also emits some Celtic influence despite harboring a multicultural cast of Germans, Greeks, and a Chilean. The four demo songs Stroke Of Fate, Little Flame, Amberdawn and Light Beyond Horizon are included and none of the members' hardcore influences from another previous band called The Net have rubbed in. With the high and unwavering range of singer Jioti Parcharidis were HF to drop the keyboards and thicken the guitar sound the market might have given birth to a successful band.


Human Fortress