Withered In Isolation – 2017 – More Hate
Proselytism – 2018 – Satanath

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S= Ectoplasma, Death Trap, Benefactor Decease, Carnal Dread>>Johnie Panagiotidis>>Ectoplasma, Death Trap, Carnal Dread, Vultur, Impure Desecration - Misanthropy Apotheosis>>KYDOIMOS>>Misanthropy Apotheosis

G= Horrorgraphy, Misanthropy Apotheosis>>DIMON’S NIGHT [DIMITRIS SAKKAS]>>Horrorgraphy, Misanthropy Apotheosis – Vaggelis Vee Kappa

B= Blessed, Horrorgraphy, Misanthropy Apotheosis, Slough Of Despair>>DIMON’S NIGHT [DIMITRIS SAKKAS]>>Blessed, Horrorgraphy, Misanthropy Apotheosis, Slough Of Despair

D= Blessed, Feeble, Horrorgraphy, Misanthropy Apotheosis, Slough Of Despair>>DIMON’S NIGHT [DIMITRIS SAKKAS]>>Blessed, Feeble, Horrorgraphy, Misanthropy Apotheosis, Slough Of Despair

V= Stelakis

History & Biography
This death/doom band came together in Athens the capital of Greece in 2003. A self-titled demo only appeared in 2008. In The Parade Of Ungrateful demo followed. Life In Paradise was a 2011 full-length demo. There was also a 2012 demo. More Hate Productions was the label that released Withered In Isolation. Kydoimos joined in 2018.


A current two-man band Proselytism is Humanity Zero's fifth full length. Proselytism is a word to mean the act of religious conversion which begs the question why aren't there dozens of bands using this name? The album itself is eight songs and 53 minutes long. The opener immediately jumps into doom, the type where keyboards are present. Funeral doom might be apt. The keyboards offer a background as expected and Celebrating The Opener Of The Way marches slowly forward with growls of Kydoimos. Dimon’s Night handles all instruments and there are a few melodic and low key solos to complement the mostly constant pace. The songs are obviously all long ones and relatively long instrumental sections are interspersed in each song. The song titles do not disappoint with Ruler Of The Ultimate Void Of Chaos, The God Of The Bloody Tongue and The Black Goat In the Woods With A Thousand Young especially interesting. The first is a tribute to Azag-thoth and presumably not Trey. The Slumbering One is aptly named. The doom and gloom pervade as the song blames humanity for planet earth being a place of torture and despair. Nightmare Corpse-City seems to threaten to speed up but doesn't and in fact features an acoustic section. The Black Goat In The Woods With A Thousand Young starts with an acoustic and haunting section and summons Shub-Niggurath as the band further reveals an HP Lovecraft influence. The song's end sees the band picking up the pace. Thous Shalt Emerge is the longest song at over eight minutes and takes on a bit of a folk element and Marialena Trikoglou (Horrorgraphy) appears as the female vocals. Dark Angel Of The Four Wings features a bit too much piano and the guitars almost seemed forced into the song before another surprise faster part comes into play. Proselytism does end without abandoning its low key doom. – Anna Tergel


Humanity Zero