Embryonized - 2002 - Xtreem
Devoured Flesh - 2005 - Xtreem

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History & Biography
This Spanish death metal band was formed as early as 1996 in Madrid and issued two demos, 1999's Grotesque Visceral Extraction and 2001's Putrefying Your Agony. In 2001 Carlos had had to leave the band due to personal problems and guitarist Miguel had replaced him on vocals. In August 2001, a new vocalist called Edu (ex-Virulence) joined the band, but did not last. In April 2002, the former vocalist Carlos returned to the band and the band began work on the debut album. The band signed to Xtreem later that year.
The band began writing for its second album, after a hiatus, in the spring of 2004. The group entered V.R.S. Studio in Madrid in October of 2004 and issued Devoured Flesh in 2005.


Human Mincer might hail from the south of Europe, but the Spaniards draw their influence from the northern part of North America, namely Canada. As soon as songs like Cerebral Torture, Death By Infestation Of Grubs and Repugnant Desire kick in, the listener is treated to music which is inspired by Montreal's Cryptopsy. Human Mincer is not as skilled or fast as Cryptopsy, and drummer David is not a match for skin basher Flo, but front man Carlos one-ups the Canadians by emitting some extreme low-end on every song.
Having said that, a complete assessment of this album is impossible. The label has chosen to ship edited promotional CDs to reviewers ostensibly to avoid mp3 bootlegging. Forgive my confusion, but does Xtreem trust the journalists it services or not? If the answer is no then why send them music for review? If the answer is yes, then let us act professionally by sending out the complete album. After all, film critics are not expected to review albums by watching trailers, are they? - Ali "The Metallian"

Do you like your death metal nimble, agile and swift? Do you worship at the altar of death metal that has little brutality to spare? Do you like death metal that takes what Suffocation created and makes the sound its own? Then say hello to Human Mincer.
Of all places originating from Spain, Human Mincer has really done a fantastic job on its second album. All the elements gel on this album. Be it the convincing deathgrowls and heaving vocals, heavy riffs and slashing rhythms or the brutalizing drums Devoured Flesh has got it all. Did I mention that the band is from Spain? Well, whatever, for despite a lack of lead guitars and a wanting production value this album is a gem for the hardcore death metaller. Best song: Ghost Of The Past. - Anna Tergel


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