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S= PAUL MILLER>>The Sky Is Denied, Burnt By The Sun
G= STEVE PROCOPIO>>The Sky Is Denied, Discordance Axis - JIM BAGLINO>>Deadguy, Lord Sterling, Monster Magnet
B= Teddy Patterson>>Burnt By The Sun - WILL CARL BLACK>>DGC
D= Exit 13, I Abhor Her, Discordance Axis>>DAVE WITTE>>Exit 13, I Abhor Her, Discordance Axis, The Sky Is Denied, Burnt By The Sun, Municipal Waste, Redrum, Well Aware, Major Burns

Human Remains was formed in New Jersey in 1989 and soon began making a name for itself as a progressively more complex grindcore band. Two demos called 1 and 2 appeared in 1990 and 1991. These were followed by 1992's Admirations Most, Deep And Foul 7" on Cenotaph and 1994's Demo 3! By the time Using Sickness as a Hero was issued in 1996 the band was already history, albeit being at the top of its popularity. Relapse issued a sampler of the band's music in 2002 called Where Were You When. Half the band went on to play in The Sky Is Denied.



Human Remains