Spell Eater – 2012 – Napalm
Starbound Beast – 2013 – Napalm
Static – 2015 - Napalm

Huntress image
S= The Starbreakers, Vexy Strut, Chelsea Girls>>JILL JANUS

G= Trigger Renegade, Professor>>Ian Alden>>Professor – Trigger Renegade, Professor>>BLAKE MEAHL>>Professor - Anthony "Pockets" Crocamo – Holy Grail>>ELI SANTANA>>Holy Grail

B= Skeleton Witch, Gypsyhawk, Holy Grail>>Eric Harris>>Gypsyhawk, Holy Grail – IAN ALDEN

D= DarkBlack>>Carl Wierzbicky – Holy Grail>>TYLER MEAHL>>Holy Grail

History & Biography
The group was singer Jill Janus, guitarists Ian Alden and Blake Meahl, bassist Greg Imhoff and drummer Sean Ford. Off with Her Head followed in 2010.

Napalm Records signed the band and issued a single called Eight Of Swords In 2011, Eric Harris was on bass and Carl Wierzbicky was on drums now. The band’s debut album, Spell Eater, appeared in 2012. It was produced at Sunset Lodge Recording in Los Angeles. Summer of 2013 brought Starbound Beast. Ian Alden moved to bass and DarkBlack’s Ant "Pockets" Crocamo joined on guitar. The latter man was out before the end of 2013. The group snatched an opening slot with Arch Enemy, Kreator and Starkill in North America for the autumn of 2014. The group had toured Europe in the spring. Singer Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth was unable to join the band on stage on January 17th, 2015 in Plymouth, England after losing his voice a day earlier. As a result, the band played a mostly instrumental set and was also joined by Jill Janus. In 2015, Singer Jill Janus revealed that she was recently diagnosed with cancer. Huntress pulled out of a 2015 U.S. tour with Avatar, Gemini Syndrome and First Decree. Huntress singer Jill Janus was suffering from post-surgery weakness and pain following her cancer surgery two months earlier. Huntress, The Starbreakers and Chelsea Girls singer Jill Janus was dead after committing suicide in August 2018. She had suffered from cancer and had mental disorders. She was survived by her boyfriend guitarist Blake Meahl.

Janus has shared in news and a documentary her presence at the World Trade Centre before September 11, 2001.