Over The Edge - 1988 - Enigma
Slave To The Thrill - 1990 - Enigma
Liquifury - 2001 - Frontiers
Reconnected - 2023 - Deko

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Heaven & Earth, Tim Donahue, Air Pavillion, Eye, Robert Fleischmann, Unruly Child , Don Dokken>>Kelly Hansen>>Heaven & Earth, Tim Donahue, Air Pavillion, Eye, Unruly Child, Robert Fleischmann, Don Dokken, Perfect World, Foreigner - Tenors Of Rock>>DAN SCHUMANN>>Tenors Of Rock

Robert Sarzo>>Queensrÿche - Mansffeld, Lion>>Doug Aldrich>>Solo, Dio, Whitesnake, Revolution Saints, Burning Rain, The Dead Daisies - Kevin Dubrow>>Sean Manning>>The Exiles - CARLOS VILLALOBOS>>Angry Chiwawah - Queensrÿche>>Robert Sarzo

Speed Of Light, Snow, Quiet Riot, London>>Tony Cavazo>>Snow - Larry Antonio - Speed Of Light, Snow, Quiet Riot, London>>TONY CAVAZO

Lita Ford, Badfinger, Unruly Child, Sircle Of Silence, Asia>>Jay Schellen>>Unruly Child, Sircle Of Silence, Badfinger, World Trade, Asia, Firewolfe, Yes - MIKE HANSEN

History & Biography
Hurricane was a notable Los Angeles band because it featured the younger brothers of famous heavy metal musicians from the Sarzo and Cavazo family. It was formed in 1983. Tony Cavazo came from the locally influential Snow. Kelly Hansen was plucked from a local cover band. The band went through several drummers and singers before settling on Schellen and Hansen. The line-up recorded the Take What You Want EP independently in 1986. The debut record was produced by Bob Ezrin and featured a cover of I'm 18. It entered the US top 100 charts. The act garnered the support of HR/HM radio station KNAC. Over The Edge was engineered by Appetite For Destruction producer Mike Clink and reached No. 92 on the Billboard Chart. Aldrich replaced Robert Sarzo in 1989. Carlos Cavazo himself briefly replaced Aldrich. In 1990, there were press rumours that the label had censored Slave To The Thrill's cover artwork. Following Slave To The Thrill the band's label went bankrupt which was a factor in the break-up of the act. In the meanwhile, the band had toured with MSG, Cheap Trick, Iron Maiden and mostly label-mates Stryper.

Frontiers Records would bring the band back in 2001, albeit with new guitarists. The band, featuring Robert Sarzo, who is the brother of bassist Rudy Sarzo, reformed again in 2007 and was working on new music.

The reformed Hurricane would play its comeback show on Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, California with Alcatrazz. Singer Chad Cancino came and went.

Hurricane was back again in 2023 and had a first new album in over two decades. Reconnected included a self-cover version of the band’s hit I'm On To You, a cover version of the Queen/David Bowie song Under Pressure and the single Rock Star Cheater. The band’s latest singer was Dan Schumann. Robert Sarzo left and was replaced by Carlos Cavazo. The band was booked for UK's FireFest 2024.

Alumni of hurricane have ended up in Foreigner, Yes and Asia.