Break It Up - 1988 - Air

Hurry Scuary image
S= Zephier, Presence, Bad Loser>>YASUHIDE MINAMI>>Bad Loser, Dragon’s Eye

G= Solo, Anthem, Minoru Niihara, Hell ‘N’ Back>>HIDEAKI NAKAMA>>Solo, Anthem, Minoru Niihara, Emerald Forest, Hell ‘N’ Back


D= Presence, Jill’s Project, Sleazy Wizard>>TAKU IZUHARA>>Jill’s Project, Sleazy Wizard

History & Biography
This hard rock and heavy metal band was based in Osaka and formed in 1983. The group surprisingly started its public exposure in 1984 through a split record with Rajas and Marino. The split was called Battle Of Metal. A couple of demos, like a self-titled one and Dirty Street, soon followed. Second guitarist Kenichi Watanabe never made it to the album phase. Nakama was on Anthem’s No Smoke Without Fire album. The band reunited in late 2014 for a tour with Marino and Medusa to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the Battle Of Metal split.

Dragon’s Eye, featuring former Hurry Scuary and current Muthas Pride vocalist Yasuhide Minami, as well as members of Ebony Eyes Excellent, would release its debut album Garyotensei/画竜点睛 through B.T.H. Records in March 2023. The album’s name referred to artists’ rendering of dragon’s eyes.



Hurry Scuary