Rather Death Than False Of Faith - 1988 - Metalother
After The Dream - 1989 – CMT
Unlamented – 2022 – Back On Black

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Targa>>Mike Keen - Eternal Torment, Silvaticus>>JAMES MANLEY-BIRD>>Silvaticus

Taor>>Danny Ranger>>Solo - Stephen Davis - Jon Balfour - Paul Bate>>Silvaticus – Taor, Solo>>DANNY RANGER – Powerpact>>HENRY POL - JONAS VOORSPOELS

Deathwish, Powerpact, Silvaticus>>DAMON MADDISON>>Powerpact, Silvaticus

Deathwish>>Nathan Maddison – Shockwave, Blo.Torch, Project Pain>>JOHN DEN BUITELAAR>>Project Pain

History & Biography
Hydra Vein was one of the many thrash metal acts popping up in England in the mid-'80s, like Sabbat, Xentrix and others. The Brighton-based band featured two former Deathwish brothers and was signed on the strength of the 1987 demo The Reptilliad. This demo featured guitarists Dave Brunt (a.k.a. Dave Deathwish) and Alan Wheatley-Crowe. In a bout of comedy, they get credited as Jack Kartoffel. The debut album was initially due for release in the USA through Three Cherries, but eventually appeared through Mean Machine. After The Dream was more intricate, but failed to generate much excitement and the band threw in the towel. Balfour died in 1992. Mike Keen killed himself in 2002.

Per the edicts of the heavy metal scene the band reunited to play Brofest in Newcastle in 2019. James Manley-Bird was the new singer. Unlamented was a new album in October 2022. Danny Ranger was back in the fold.

There was another Hydra Vein in England in the early 1980s.



Hydra Vein