In Blood We Trust - 2000 - Morbid
The Revenge Ride - 2001 - Morbid
Räbble Mänifesto - 2005 - Morbid
Heretic Commando - Rise Of The New Antikrist - 2012 - Einheit
The Whitecrow - 2017 - Einheit
The Blackcrow - 2020 - Einheit

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Stagnant, Shaark, X.Y.Z.>>R.a.d. [Radek Lebanek]>>Stagnant, X.Y.Z., Shaark, Bad Face - Melancholy Pessimism, Terminator, Krabathor, Flood>>Hire [René Hílek]>>Flood - Melancholy Pessimism>>David M. [David Menšík]>>Melancholy Pessimism, Hellyum - D.M.C.>>Butch Mills [Milan Večerka] - Inner Fear, Root, Solfernus, Entrails, Equirhodont>>Igor Hubík>>Root, Solfernus, Ravenoir - Six Degrees Of Separation>>VLASA [VLASTIMIL URBANEC]>>Six Degrees Of Separation - Decay, Six Degrees Of Separation>>CANNI [MARTIN KLINKERA]>>Six Degrees Of Separation


Brutalizer, Dehydrated, Apoplexy, Krabathor>>Pegas [Peter Hlaváč]>>Krabathor, Apoplexy

History & Biography
Death metal band Hypnos was staffed and formed by former Krabathor members Bruno and Pegas and issued a self-titled EP on Germany's Morbid Records in 2000 which contained a Bulldozer cover. The band and label had a three-album deal. The EP otherwise featured the band's very first three songs. R.A.D. quit, but Hypnos recruited another Krabathor member called Hire. The band's full-length debut of the same year featured Mike van Mastrigt of Sinister and Mika Luttinen of Impaled Nazarene fame on vocals on different songs. The band supported Enslaved and The Crown in Europe in late 2000. Hire soon quit, but the band brought David M. onboard and even had Alex of Pandemia guest live on second guitar.

Harris Johns produced the band's second album and the boys set out on tour with Vader, Napalm Death and others. A tour with Behemoth followed and David quit Hypnos. His replacement was one Butch Mills. The band kept on playing live. A CD called Demo(n)s appeared through Metal Age Productions in 2004. David M. would guest on the band's third CD Rabble Manifesto which was again produced by Harris Johns. The band's name was now Hypnös to signify the change in direction! The drummer's name would alternatively be Pegas, Pegäz or Pegaz. He left in 2006, returned in 2009, left in 2018 and returned for a year in 2020. The monicker was put back again. Halfway To Hell was a 2010 EP. Igor Hubík, the founder of Lava Productions, played guitar on the 2012 album. He had also played live for the band previously.

The 2017 and 2020 album names offered a contrast. The Whitecrow album featured guest members like V. Santura (Triptykon and Dark Fortress), Paul Speckmann (Master), Christopher (Krabathor) and Martin Missy (Protector). Blackcrow had a self-cover version. Deathbirth was a 2023 EP. It included a Krabathor cover version, a cover version of the guitarists' song in Six Degrees Of Separation and a self-cover version. The group toured Europe in 2023 and returned to Brutal Assault 2023. The band played with Avulsed and Inhumate in 2024 and had a show called Metal Suicide. Sataroth (Nahum, etc.) became the official drummer in 2023.


Hypnos is a brand new outfit comprised of ex-Krabathor members Bruno (bass and vocals) and drummer Pegas, as well as guitarist R.A.D. formerly of Stagnant. As MCDs with four tracks go (one of which being merely a cover version), the current disc serves to introduce the band and herald a full length due in the fall. Musically Hypnos is very Morbid Angel - influenced. The guitars are surely the band's best attribute; the vocals are merely OK whilst the pots and panish drum sound (while very fashionable since the rise of Cryptopsy) is quite an ear sore. Please get a heavier sound next time. Overall Hypnos has room to improve, but with the members' dedication and experience things can look up with the coming album. - Ali "The Metallian"

When in the last issue I reviewed Hypnos' first EP I had little idea that a full length would appear so quickly. Well here it is, and it features an altered line up and the collaboration of Impaled Nazarene's Mika on vocals. The album kicks off with an action-packed riff and it is clear that Hypnos is not into conserving energy. Not that it's all speed-oriented; the band slows down often to incorporate tasteful leads throughout and even add more somber feelings to the mix. Then there is Sacrilegious with its Sepultura-esque rhythm. But more notable is the presence of the tracks from the EP here; although one track on the MCD was Bleeding the Scum and the track here is entitled Breeding the Scum. In summary Hypnos is a qualified entry into the death metal fray and one for fans of Krabathor, Altar and mid-era Sepultura. - Ali "The Metallian"

Enter another good album for this issue!! Czech trio Hypnos comprised of two former Krabathor members bassist/singer (Bruno), drummer (Pegas) and third guitarist on as many releases David have issued their best release yet showing another improvement since their last release. Hypnos plays death metal comparable to the heady days of Massacra and No Return (before both bands degenerated) mixed with a healthy dose of Morbid Angel. It might be an odd pairing and the band keeps the two unmixed and separate. Listen to Evil Awaken which through its speedy riffing and drum patterns reminds one of the formers' sound, and then fast forward to Journey Into Doom to hear the Morbid influences come to the fore. Armed with a better drum sound, intricate soloing, production by Harris Johns and a final mix at Morrisound, The Revenge Ride is as solid as rock. - Ali "The Metallian"

A sticker on the cover of the new Hypnös (yes, it is the same Czech death metal band with an added umlaut) asks the listener to "get hypnötized" and I might just be ready to accommodate. Contrary to the band's statements regarding a wholesale change of direction and a wholly new approach beginning with this album Rabble Mänifesto is both a good album and still altogether extreme. So, worries aside, what is the album like? The album is a great extreme metal listen that begins with a message from Arab freedom fighters to a slow and steady tune. Shades of Deicide are all over this as are proven metal soloing and whirling drumming. The style change is nowhere to be found as the band blasts away in the old Stockholm style on Supernatural Race Disharmony or brings Sinister to mind on Krieg (The Alpha Paradox). There is a great melody on the songs At Death's Door and some experimentation when Bruno begins to try singing cleanly however. This tune is perhaps the band's semi-marketable song. There are great lyrics and ideas throughout the album. The band has had the foresight to include explanations for each track and even features a great sampled message to George Bush and his invading minions in Iraq.
Ignore the momentary lapse of judgment on Firecult and the aforementioned clean vocals and RM has turned out to be a great album. - Ali "The Metallian"