Dead World - 2009 - Insanity
A Farewell To Gravity - 2013 - Logic(il)logic
Synchreality – 2018 - Revalve

Hypnotheticall image
S= Francesco Dal Barco – Marco Ciscato - DAVIDE PELLICHERO
G= Airhead>>Mirko Marchesini>>Sinatras - GIUSEPPE ZAUPA
B= Gory Blister, Thanatoid, Funeral Cry, Cerebra Infest, Menace>>LUCA CAPALBO>>Menace
D= Francesco Tresca - GIULIO CARIOLATO
K= Davide Pretto

To start 2013, Logic(il)logic Records issued an album by progressive metal band Hypnotheticall. It was called A Farewell To Gravity. Marco Ciscato, the band’s vocalist since 2011, was the singer. The Veneto-based band was formed in 1999. Previously, Insanity Records had issued the band’s debut in 2009. In mid-2015, Hypnotheticall welcomed Davide Pellichero (ex- Vaio Aspis) as its new singer. Davide was working on the new single Awake(ning). The band was still looking for a new keyboard player to complete the line-up. Hypnotheticall was spending 2016 composing songs for its third full-length and planned to enter the recording studio in early 2017. Hypnotheticall was issuing a third studio album, called Synchreality, through Revalve Records on March 16th.


This is a complex band and not just simply because of the monicker, album name or the progressive music. The songs either speak of progressive metal quality or sink to the depths of the abyss of mediocrity and embarrassment.
The band is progressive and there are no doubts in that regard. When all things go well as on the opening track the group has an attractive metallic art that is complex and different. There are hints of Pain Of Salvation and then there are hints of Threshold. That kind of music is counteracted by abysmal and dubious inclusions like Drifting Dreamers or First Draft Of A Life where singer Marco Ciscato even sounds like Sting. Sorry. The whole shebang ends with Hiranyaloka. It is a Gaia type new age offering the likes of which have bankrupted many bands. There are several good songs here, but this writer rather listen to A Farewell To Kings all things being considered. - Ali “The Metallian”