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This thrash metal band was founded in 1987, changed names two years later, when God B.C.'s Tom Hallbäck joined, and disbanded in 1992. The act re-appeared in 2021. Attempt The Life was a 1987 demo. Jeremiad Of The Living was released in 1988.

A self-titled compilation was issued in 2015. Hyste’riah had a 2022 CD and it was called Badassery. It featured 15 minutes of music during the course of ten tracks.


This 10-song 15-minute release is from old ideas and drafts from the band that has reappeared seemingly out of nowhere. It is said that this takes Hyste'riah back to its roots while including newer "djazzy" influences. A listener is therefore correct to be confused. Of course the songs average less than two minutes in length and therefore little time is wasted getting into Are You Good Enough. The fast paced thrashing song asks the title question several times, includes a short solo and gets it done. Any Port In A Storm does not deviate much, it features angry yet somewhat muffled vocals and is no frills while remaining aggressive. Riot Gear is just slightly more controlled. Time To Die, a D.T.A.L cover, is the shortest at 54 seconds. D.T.A.L, also from Landskrona, Sweden is an 80's hardcorish band linked to Hyste'riah. Behind My Back and Mugshot start and finish without much that can distinguish them. Soon You Will Be Dead is the longest song at just under two and half minutes and unbelievably it is ballad-like. It certainly stands out as different to the song that comes after it called Don't Fuck With Me. This song is bass driven and feels heavier. Get Your Head Out Of My Ass and Greed keep up the messy thrashy sound with loud bass standing out through the chaos. The latter has the band admonishing greedy bastards. The CD label features a motivational message of sorts to 'Do something about it for fuck's sake if you are abused, exploited, poor, fucked and/or humiliated'. Scant more info at www.stringskill.se. – Anna Tergel