Between Two Worlds - 2006 - Nuclear Blast

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Old Funeral, Immortal, Det Hedenske Folk, Satanel, Bömbers>>ABBATH [OLVE EIKEMO]>>Bömbers

Old Funeral, Immortal, Det Hedenske Folk, Satanel, Bömbers>>ABBATH [OLVE EIKEMO]>>Bömbers – Enslaved, Malignant Eternal, Audrey Horne>>ICE DALE [ARVE ISDAL]

Audrey Horne, Sahg, Gorgoroth>>T.C KING [TOM VISNES]>>Gorgoroth, Sahg, God Seed

Amputation, Immortal>>ARMAGEDDA

History & Biography
Formed as a continuation of Immortal in October of 2005 following that band’s temporary disbandment the new band of former Immortal, Enslaved and Gorgoroth people soon issued an album through Nuclear Blast Records, with which Immortal had a contract. Demonaz of Immortal rolled up his sleeve and worked on the band’s lyrics. The band’s debut album amazingly charted in Norway.


I is for Immortal or rather the name of the new band of Immortal’s Abbath. More significantly, the band, on its debut album here, sounds like a toned down Immortal with clear Bathory tendencies. It is as if Immortal is alive and operating as I.
The Storm I Ride kicks the album off and is soon apparent that the album will have no problem coming up with quality riffs. The atmospheric sounds encompass quality mayhemic riffing, harsh harmonies, signature Abbath vocals and a strong sound to boot. Abbath’s vocals immediately remind one of Kimmo Morja of the old Swedish heavy metal band Spitfire. Warriors is even more linked to early '90s Bathory. Allusions to Bathory abound, as do references to Immortal as on the song Mountains (Mountains Of Might anyone?). The albums gains strength and extremeness as it progresses, yet never loses sight of its strong sense of power and ambiance. It is here that other names like Motörhead and Satyricon also cross one’s mind. Far Beyond The Quiet is another notable track for its blatant Bathory rip-off-slash-tribute. Quorthon could not have done it better!
I is not everyone’s cup of Norwegian fjordic water, especially given Abbath’s extreme snarl, yet listen to the melodic leads, catchy sounds, fine rhythms and powerful emotional content and it should be. Given the similarities between the two bands (which are hardly worlds apart) one wonders why Immortal had to disband. - Ali “The Metallian”