Marching Evil - 2000 - Horned
Iconoclastic Warfare - 2005 - Lugburz

Iconoclasm image

Steve Folens - SERGE IMPENS

Duncan "Valraven" Spittael - STEVE FOLENS

Bart Bonne - Aguynguerran>>JEROEN>>Aguynguerran

History & Biography
Aalter, Belgium's Iconoclasm was crafted in 1994 by guitarist Serge Impens and drummer Bart Bonne. The band was not about to mince words or ideology when it issued the Preamble To Precipitate The Destruction Of Religious Artefacts in late 1996 featuring the devil fisting a nun as the cover artwork. Bass player Chris left the fold and the group drafted guitarist Steve Folens. A new release was recorded in 1999 and issued in 2000. Marching Evil was a full-length independent release meant for Italy's End All Life label but would end up on Horned Productions. The band played at the With A Dragon's Blaze festival. Drummer Bonne left the group and bassist Valraven moved to Germany necessitating the recruitment of drummer Jeroenymous of Aguynguerran. The new line-up played live in Scotland. Steve moved over to bass. The trio toured Brazil playing with the likes of Mystifier and Unearthly.
Iconoclasm signed to the homegrown Lugburz label and issued Iconoclastic Warfare in mid-2005. The album was recorded during October and November of 2004 at Dungeon Studio.


The band and album's title may not signal much imagination, but quite frankly who needs fancy inventions when metal has so many ways of delivering the goods? One knows he is in for a treat with the booklet's proclamation that this is "another completely keyboardfree (sic) product." Delivering on that promise of authenticity and purity, Belgium's Iconoclasm razes heaven and earth with its grim and abyssic black metal. The blasting sounds of the title track are preceded by a cliche-ridden sample from the film Gladiator, but the tune is soon augmented by several different vocal styles. Darkthrone and Mayhem are obvious influences, yet as the different vocal styles and string sounds demonstrate the band has the propensity to incorporate different ideas into his cold and barren landscape. There is a certain majesty in a song like Fedelm's Prophecy that gathers steam as it goes and finds time to experiment with the sound. Sons Of Fire means business and is in the Enthroned and Immortal soundscape.The screeching speed continues on the next tune, Beer Metal Satan that has a short noise solo and a sustained attack on the jugular. The trio's philosophy is probably best summarized on the song Crush Ya Like A Worm with the chant, 'die die die why don't you fuckin die, die die nothing but pure hate..." Even the trendy female vocals on Screams Of The Bansee (banshee?) cannot lessen the perverse joy a true evil metal fanatics can derive from Iconoclast Warfare. The said song features distinct Dissection-oriented riffing and evil power galore. Incidentally, the song Welcome To Hell is not a Venom cover.
Apparently in spite of all the aggression and misanthropy the band is not devoid of humour as evidenced by track titles like Beer Metal Satan or a drummer names Jeroenymous. A sense of humour is probably the last thing one hopes for on a black metal album, but the band's music is no laughing matter let me assure you. Iconoclast Warfare is the sound of hell on earth. - Ali "The Metallian"