Daddy Raw>>IMPALER>>Daddy Raw - USA

If We Had Brains... We'd Be Dangerous - 1986 - Combat
Wake Up Screaming - 1990 - Channel 83
Undead Things - 1996 - Vlad
It Won't Die - 1998 - Root Of All Evil
One Nation Under Ground - 2001 - Root Of All Evil
Old School Ghouls - 2002 - Root Of All Evil
Habeas Corpus - 2005 - Root Of All Evil
Alive Beyond the Grave - 2008 - Vlad
Cryptozoology – 2009 – MVD
Live At 7th St. Entry Minneapolis Sept.25 1984 – 2018 – Vinyl Royale
The Great Hereafter – 2020 - Vlad

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History & Biography
Impaler first appeared in 1985 with the release of the Rise Of The Mutants demo. The band's self-described shock rock would soon garner the band's press notoriety and the band would soon to Combat Records. The If We Had Brains... We'd Be Dangerous would further the band's extreme appeal and become the band's best-selling album. The band would soon lose Bob Johnson, but would add a second guitarist called John Stradinger. With Wake Up Screaming not doing brisk business the band would reconvene as Daddy Raw until 1994. Undead Things was essentially a new demo from the new line-up. Local label Root Of All Evil would reissue the band's music in 1998 and sign the band for new music. Court Hawley would re-join in 2003. A DVD called 20 Years Undead was issued in 2004. Another DVD called House Band At The Funeral Parlor followed through MVD Visual. It featured old and new footage. The band’s 2008 live album was recorded in 2006 at Star Central club. Drummer Erin Ryan, who was in the band in the late ‘80s, returned in 2017. Bradley J also returned on guitar. Andy Radio (Glutton For Punishment) became the second guitarist.

Zack is Bill’s son. Bob Johnson died on 2017. Erik Allyn died in 2018.