Aux Crepuscules - 1997 - Osmose
Malmort - 2000 - Osmose
Chaos – 2014 – Triumph Ov Death

Imperial image

G= The End 666>>QOJAU>>The End 666

B= Silent Tower>>SKROW>>Silent Tower

D= Dagoba>>Frank Costanza>>Dagoba, Outburst, Parallel Minds, Blazing War Machine, Avatar Of Hate - SKROW

History & Biography
Imperial was formed in Marseilles in the south of France in 1992 with Skrow taking care of vocals, bass and drums. The band adopted a belligerent extreme thrash metal stance and stormed the underground with demos War Spirit in 1994, The Red Moon in 1995 and Chapitre Trois: Men Of God, and became one of Osmose Productions first homegrown bands. In-between the first and second album the band issued the Thrasheurs 13 EP in 1998.

Dream Evil label issued a tenth anniversary single in 2002 called Ten Years Of Imperial. Skrow operates Moon Soon Records. A compilation called Aggressors... Not Followers was issued in 2003 by Magistellus Infernal. Nevertheless, the band threw in the towel, but like every other band returned in 2008. Noir and Chaos were 2008 and 2011 demos. Skrow took over the drums as well.