Asateerul Awaleen - 1996 - Shivadarshana
Skullfucking Armageddon - 1999 - Dies Irae
Kaos Kommand 696 - 2002 - Osmose
Paramount Evil - 2004 - Agonia
Tormentors Of Tijuana - 2007 - Heavy Metal Super Star
Formidonis Nex Cultus - 2007 - Agonia/Pulverised
Terroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command) - 2009 - Agonia
Tormentors Of Nagoya - 2010 - HMSS
Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny - 2011 - Agonia
Ravage & Conquer - 2012 - Pulverised
Tormentors Of Kota Bharu – 2013 – Gempita
Versus All Gods – 2019 - Shivadarshana

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Shyaithan [Muhammad Deen]>>Devourer - Hacavitz, Blood Reaping, Disgorge, Ravager, Demonized, Profanator>>Antimio Buonnano>>Ravager, Hecavitz, Demonized, Profanator, Blood Reaping, Castleumbra, Reverence To Paroxysm, Abyssal Vortex, Blood Divine, Nightmare A.D. - Absence Of The Sacred>>Mike Priest>>Absence Of The Sacred - Abhorrence>>Rangel Arroyo>>Abhorrence - Xeper, Setherial, Divine Codex>>Guh Lu>>Xeper, Divine Codex, Hell Theater, Hell Terrorist - Eskathon [Alen Nogratto]>>Exterminas – Nizam Aziz - Devourer>>SHYAITHAN [MUHAMMAD DEEN]>>Devourer – Battlestorm>>ISZAR [MUHAMMAD ISZAR]>>Battlestorm – Vociferation Eternity, Necrotic Chaos, Sir Khannaz, Dissectomy>>ADZRIN [Azrin Daharie]>>Vociferation Eternity, Necrotic Chaos, Sir Khannaz, Dissectomy

Profancer, Xasthur>>Fyraun>>Xasthur – Abyydoss [Al-Marhum Abyydoss] - Blood Reaping, Hacavitz, Cenotaph>>Eduardo Guevara>>Blood Reaping, Hacavitz, Cenotaph - Balberith>>Demonomancer>>Balberith – SHYAITHAN [MUHAMMAD DEEN]

Libation>>Daijal>>Abattory, Graycode – Kibosh Sybil Kismet, As Sahar, Hail>>Fauzzt>>Chaos Regal, Oshiego, Istidraj - Hacavitz, Disgorge, Ravager>>Oscar Garcia>>Ravager, Disgorge, Putrefact, Infinitum Obscure - Bunuh, Ilemauzar, Battlestorm, Arbitrary Element, Cardiac Necropsy Zushakon>>Tremor [Halim Yusof]>>Arbitrary Element, Battlestorm, Cardiac Necropsy, Zushakon, Soul Devour, Ulterior Decimation - Afterglow, Tundra, Malfeitor, Setherial, Teeth And Thorns>>Atum>Teeth And Thorns, Destruction Ritual, The Last Oblation - Militant Mass, The Furor, Psychonaut, Pagan, Shrapnel, Bloodlust, Malignant Monster, Mhorgl, Depravity>>DIZAZTER [LOUIS RANDO]>>Psychonaut, The Furor, Shrapnel, Malignant Monster, Mhorgl, Depravity

History & Biography
The exotic locale means little to Impiety for the band's black metal-gone-death metal stylings make no apologies. Impiety was formed in 1990 and issued the Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration demo in 1992 and Salve The Goat...Iblis Exelsi demo in 1993. The band featured guitarist Xxxul at this point. An EP called Funeralight and a split release with Profanatica came out between the first two albums. Fyraun was forced to leave after being incarcerated for drug trafficking charges in 2000. He would rejoin the band at the end of 2001 after being freed only to leave again later.

The band split up for a time and Shyaithan relocated for a while to Mexico and reformed the band with members of Ravager in the line-up. This, after a split with Osmose Production over royalty and support issues. Paragon Records gave Paramount Evil a North American release. Following the announcement of three separate European tours in support of Paramount Evil the band was faced with cancellations every time. Tormentors Of Tijuana was a special vinyl package pressed in a limited edition of 120 and recorded during the band’s Mexican tour of 2004. Formidonis Nex Cultus was issued on cassette by the InCoffin label and featured a different cover. The Singapore label Pulverised issued the Dominator EP in 2008. Aside from Shyaithan it featured a wholly new line-up. Terroreign also featured a line-up that was wholly new aside from Shyaithan. Impiety was touring Europe in April 2010 with Setherial. The bands were using The European Terror Reign Tour 2010 monicker. Impiety, which now featured singer and bassist Shyaithan, guitarists Guh Lu (Xeper and Divine Codex) and Eskathon and drummer Atum (Malfeitor and Divine Codex), would release a three-song EP through Singapore's Pulverised Records entitled Advent Of... in March. The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered at Music City Studio in Montebelluna, Italy. In 2011, Impiety was touring the Canada and the USA. The band was on Pulverised Records now. Impiety would release its next album, Ravage & Conquer, through Pulverised Records on May 8th. Tormentors Of Kota Bharu was recorded in Malaysia in 2011. Singapore’s Impiety has a deal with Hells Headbangers for the release of a new single and full-length album in 2013. An EP, called The impious Crusade, arrived instead in 2013. Several compilations, the Armageddon Supremacy European Tour 2017 with Wormwood and others and split releases lead to 2019’s Versus All Gods. Ironically, it was on a label named after a deity. This one was recorded at Hertz Studio in Poland. In the meantime, Impiety, Divine Eve and Gravehill toured the USA in 2018. An EP, called Anal Madonna Redesecration, paid tribute to the Virgin Mary in 2020. The group announced the Kaos 696 Winter War 2024 of Europe with Nihilo and Helldrifter.

Main man Shyaithan was the owner of To Megatherion metal store and recording studio in Singapore.


It is not a secret within the underground metal scene that Singapore's Impiety is a fully developed speedeath metal band. Those who might be hesitating or wondering should know that the act is competitive as hell and that there is little reason to waver from that point-of-view.
Kaos Kommand 696 (sure looks like a typo, but is not) is an Anti-Christian, skull-bludgeoning, wimp-flushing, pussy-detonating, holocaust-causing, epithet-propagating metal album of mega proportions. Great titles like Christfuckingchrist, Atomic Wrath Of Azzazzel, Bestial Genocidal Goatvomit (McDonalds anyone?) and Abominate, Fornicate, Desecrate! represent tracks of powerful death metal in the vein of Blasphemy, Impaled Nazarene, etc. They even use a clip identical to Impaled Nazarene on Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz! For my tastes Impiety could have incorporated a couple of guitar solos more, but there are bass solos on this and the pounding is incessant so what the hell! Furthermore and luckily, my CD does not feature two cover songs of Blasphemy and Sextrash available on the limited edition album. One would pay extra not to hear yet more cover versions!
This album was supposed to be recorded at Stage One Studios with producer Andy Classen, yet after the departure of XXXul the band was short a member and finally entered Studio Berno in Sweden instead. Remarkable because the new trio features two skinheads and one long-haired metal freak - just like the membership of the other CD Osmose sent in to Metallian Towers most recently - namely Canada's Axis Of Advance - Ali "The Metallian"

Whether one can call Impiety with its majority Mexican members a band from Singapore any longer is now debatable, but if metal knows no boundaries and origins are of no consequence then the act is one of the most extreme from any country. Paramount Evil is the band's fourth full-length on a fourth record label and the band's sound has veered more towards a mix of Morbid Angel and Marduk with staccato thrashy touches. The vocals are spewed from the mouth of the volcano and the presence of the occasional melodic solo just adds to the disc's depth. The band's torture and torment of its instruments should be source enough for shock, but with Paramount Evil that will likely take a backseat to the cover and the unabashed lyrical stance of lines like "We applaud the wanton brutality, Anti-Jewish supremacy" from Carbonized or "Let your children drown in my blackest vomit, Let your synagogues be crushed eternal!" from Adonai Made Excrement. In the band's defense, the album's theme is crimes committed by humanity over the ages. Still, this type of poetry is bound to grab the attention of the genuinely aggrieved and the self-styled lobby groups whose existence is contingent on the presence and promotion of its adversaries. - Ali "The Metallian"

There is no band out there that tells Jesus and god to fuck off with quite the same fervor as Impiety. The new EP from Shyaithan and company yet again sounds like Jesus is put through the sausage-maker, ground and spat out from the other side in hyper speed. One Introbliteration later, the disc’s four songs, Slaughterror Superiority, Dominator, The Black Vomit and At War With Temujin, are black metal masterspeedpieces with shredding guitars, exploding drums and, of course, vomiting vocals of death. The Black Vomit is like early Mille’s vocals have gone nuclear. The burst of soloing disappears as quickly as it appeared. At War With Temujin begins in offbeat mode like Morbid Angel-turned-berserk and turned faster. - Ali “The Metallian”

Impiety is back for a sixth release and these 35 minutes need preparing as the intro does a good job foreboding the coming onslaught. The opening full track’s title does the same as does its sound. Vientos De Holocausto is three minutes of mayhem rarely heard elsewhere. High speed solos, drumming and riffs so fast they are almost outside of the range of comprehension. Atomic Angel Assault is next and there is no let-up whatsoever. The title track is a natural continuation. Speedy and crazy solos dominate. As Judea Burns is even more high-speed, if that’s possible. Goatfather, Bestial To The Bone, The Black Fuck, and the Morbid cover My Dark Subconscious are all very much a case of listen and enough said. Terroreign takes the speediest of '80s thrash to the next level and Impiety gives new meaning to the phrase 'it’s too loud...'. - Anna Tergel

When Shyaithan of rabid death metal unit Impiety contacted Metallian Towers last month inquiring about a review and a potential interview the answer was almost an automatic 'no.' This was the band after all which seemingly cannot keep a steady line-up, label or base of operations. More importantly, an interview request two years ago had gone unanswered when the singer and bassist had all but disappeared. Time does heal (in some cases) apparently and Ali "The Metallian" was willing to give Impiety a second chance. It does help, of course, that Shyaithan has a good disposition and some justification not to mention some face melting music - for all that has transpired in the last several years. - 20.02.2005

METALLIAN: Shyaithan, thank you for your time. Your newest album is entitled Paramount Evil. How do you describe its music and how does it contrast with your previous work?
SHYAITHAN: Thank you. Paramount Evil means no less than the ultimate or supreme evil. Man is the ultimate beast, creator and destroyer, deliverer of good and evil. We can thus be angel or devil as and when we chose, depending on situations and moods. Unveiled is all the glorified evil throughout man's existence, which centuries have witnessed and which histories have recorded. It's a very different album this time around; very realistic in concept. This is indeed the darkest and heaviest album we've put together without compromising the top ferocious speed and raw brutality Impiety is known to possess. Paramount Evil stands superior in power to all past Impiety recordings given the song writing, record production and layout.

METALLIAN: Fundamentally, is it important for a band's albums to sound different from one another to begin with?
SHYAITHAN: Yes, it is important to always have a fresh new sound to compliment newer ideas and works. I don't know how other bands feel, but I always anticipate something new, whilst listening to a band's next new release. Well, using different studios and working with different producers often result in a different sound production. As for Impiety, we have been using different studios, engineers and producers each time. I think having the right production for an album adds more character to the release complimenting both the concept and musicianship. Take for instance, Skullfucking Armageddon which sounds bloody perfect with the razor sharp and raw production and how Kaos Kommand 696 sounds extremely hellish, chaotic and barbaric through the production work of Henrik Larsson of Berno Studio. Paramount Evil sounds dark, heavy and bombastic showcasing perfectly the infernal musicianship of this album.

METALLIAN: In that case, it might make sense for you to describe every Impiety full-length in a few words.
SHYAITHAN: Asateerul Awaleen was the debut album with eight songs of raw, hateful and fast traditional blackwarmetal! Asateerul Awaleen was indeed the blackest and rawest steel of hell we unleashed upon mankind. 4,000 units were pressed and first sold by Shivadarshana Records. On a personal note, I felt that the production suffered badly due to lack of money to complete the mixing and mastering process and I don't like the very thin and weak production. I am glad the re-released version on Agonia Records sounds much better since the re-mastering helped a lot.
Skullfucking Armageddon was our second album and an assault of eight songs. It also was a limited digipak of 2,500 copies released by Dies Irae Productions and also was licensed to Drakkar Productions of France with three bonus tracks in limited to 3,000 copies. Skullfucking Armageddon is total apocalyptic metal blitzkrieg that pulverizes your brain at first listen. The album is an all-time favourite for all the commanders of Impiety.
Kaos Kommand 696 was a chaotic infernal fury unleashed upon mankind. It was fast, technical and the most extreme Impiety release to date. It had eight songs on the normal version and ten songs, including two bonus tracks which were covers of Sextrash and Blasphemy, on the limited digipak version. We spent three weeks in Malmo, Sweden at Berno Studio recording that album and it was quite an experience.

METALLIAN: What was the significance of that album's 696 digits? It almost seemed like a typo of 666!
SHYAITHAN: In the book of Revelations of the filthy Christian bible, 666 is stated to be the mark and number of the beast. We abominated those numbers to 696 which to Impiety, clearly represents the mark for eternal and absolute antichristian genocide! Kaos Kommand 696 is the ultimate battle-order to simply crush, kill and destroy everyone and everything that stands for or bears the name of stupid feeble gods.
To continue, Paramount Evil is the latest album assault of the band. It contains eight songs on the normal version and nine songs, with a cover of Sepultura's Morbid Vision, on the limited digipak version. This album stands as the most accomplished of all our works. It is fast, dark, heavy and undoubtedly extreme.

METALLIAN: Just how extreme it is will be discussed shortly. In the meanwhile, the album features a new line-up. Who is who and why did the band lose its older members? How stable is the new line-up?
SHYAITHAN: The change was inevitable, but for the better for myself and the band. Our drummer Fauzzt lost his focus and interest after getting somewhat bored of playing the music and so he was playing for another band when we begun to work on some new songs. Fyraun had little time left outside his full-time work and family. I was left without an option but to move on and recruit new commanders. I first auditioned maniacs from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia and found myself reaching a dead-end to find the suitable commanders to work with. Finding members I could comfortably work with was not easy at all! Since I was in close contact with Oscar of Disgorge for over four years I proposed to Antimo and him, both of Disgorge, the idea of their joining Impiety full-time. I was also aware that Ravager had broken up at that same time and Hacavitz was just formed. Antimo and Oscar planned everything in detail with me and finally we saw that it was possible to work together. In February 2004, I made my first trip to Queretaro, Mexico to rehearse and record three tracks for the Two Majesties Split-EP. From then on things fell into place really well and here we are today stronger then ever with a four-man command unleashing the band's fourth album, Paramount Evil. We are very stable, working hard and sharing ideas as a team. Distance is the biggest hurdle we all face, but I am glad Agonia Records now helps me cover the flights for recordings and touring. Impiety was from Singapore, but now since three-quarters of the line-up is in Mexico the band is more Mexican. Or is it Singamexican (laughs).

METALLIAN: In that context, how much is Impiety a band and how much is it your project?
SHYAITHAN: Impiety is a full-time genocidal metal beast of war fiercely raping, killing and conquering no matter what the odds. It has indeed been fifteen long, glorious years of our infernal reign in the underworld. We make nothing and earn nothing but it keeps us happy and sane to be able to cast some of the most unholy music across the globe, desecrating and destroying stages, breaking skulls with fans and Legions worldwide. Impiety is all about that and nothing less.

METALLIAN: This album is your fourth full-length on the fourth label. Why the constant change and whatever happened with Osmose Productions where you only released one album?
SHYAITHAN: Man, working with labels in our past has been really a skullfucking affair. It sickens me that always after signing the contracts in which they commit shit to us before beginning to delay so many things, or not take our wants or requests or clauses in the contract seriously. I feel they really want to exploit the band to the fullest. It's all about money these days. Impiety will never fucking ever be taken for granted. And it was the same case with Osmose Productions. Herve, Osmose's manager, promised us tours before the signing of the contract, but upon the release of Kaos Kommand 696 Herve was giving me a ton of excuses all year. He even told me to write Metalysee tour agency ourselves to negotiate a deal of our own in lieu of their helping us. I remember clearly that he told me in the end after I was still asking him to help us, not to tour anymore and that just sitting at home and recording and releasing albums is far better then getting on the road. That itself was ridiculous and especially since we got a fucking five percent deal! What would the band ever earn? How would we cover our bills? Another disappointment was their promotion office which told me to drop smaller zines and just handle interviews with bigger magazines. That is something I will not agree to, ever. Their stupid promotional office kept handing me interviews, but without deadlines and due to my busy schedule I could not cope with their demands to have answers back so soon. Which kind of a of moron accepts interviews without taking into consideration the deadline for them? Clearly, one who doesn't take pride in his work and one who has no fucking initiative to do so. It was complete chaos for me due to their disorganization. So I boycotted all those interviews. I had enough of it. To top it off, Herve told me he didn't like us condemning Jews in our lyrics and statements because the French authorities were sensitive on this issue. The French authorities can kiss my ass. Thing is, he only told me this after the album was released and was selling. It is stupid that he never checked the lyrics or the album's layout before press time. All that could have been avoided if he was doing his job. I told Herve I always thought Osmose Productions supported freedom of speech and wondered why he did not inform me of such things before the album was pressed. It was then that it was finalized in my heart and mind to leave that label once and for all. We are already getting a shitty deal and with no prospects and it would have spelled doom for us were we to continue like that. So we asked for a release and gladly signed it when it arrived.

METALLIAN: When you say 'five percent', are you talking about your royalty rate or something else? If it is the royalty rate, then why was it so low?
SHYAITHAN: Yes, 'five percent' was the royalty rate based on sales of the album. I have nothing to hide and be ashamed of, but anyone in the right frame of mind will know this indeed is a rip-off deal. I was promised a renegotiation of this deal after the first album on Osmose was out in hopes of getting a better deal for the next album. Herve was cold and told me after Kaos Kommand 696 had sold over 5,000 copies that he won't give us more. That's a real pity. I and Impiety had a lot of bills to cover and it seemed impossible to cover any thing with just five miserable percents of royalty. I felt cheated because he clearly told me that we could re-negotiate for more for the second album, after the first album was released. So there you go, another bullet of disappointment in my flesh. It's things like this that truly demotivated me to work so hard for them and earn peanuts from my music. I am not even talking about earning, but rather the possibility of covering any bills of ours.

METALLIAN: When you speak about Herve's mention of the French authorities you complain about his telling you this after the album's release. What would your reaction have been if he had told you this before the album's release or completion?
SHYAITHAN: Well it's plain and simple. I would have at least compromised to censor some songs. Meaning I would not publish some lyrics or text. Of course, it would have disappointed me that not all freedom of speech was supported by supposedly the most extreme music label, but I was willing to compromise some things at least. Then again, if something like this was to happen to me on any label for that matter then you know we wouldn't want to stick around and commit to that label for long. When a label says they support extreme music, they better mean it and not get all sensitive later on. It just doesn't make sense, does it?

METALLIAN: How did you come across Agonia and what are your plans with this label? Does their lack of distribution and promotion concern you?
SHYAITHAN: I first met Filip of Agonia in Berlin when Impiety co-headlined the Under The Black Sun Festival with Taake back in the summer of 2003. He was friendly and we got acquainted there. Before we signed the breach with Osmose we had already negotiated a deal with Agonia Records. Impiety signed to Agonia in January of 2004 and so far, I can tell you, everything is going well and according to plans and I have had no setbacks or headaches. We're getting the best deal in the house so I can't complain. I don't expect a lot from Agonia Records just as long as they commit to their part and work hard with Impiety.
The distribution network of Agonia is growing. As for promotional work, I do my own bit for Impiety too. This is the underground isn't it and so I don't expect one-hundred percent from them or for them to cover all promotional work for us. Delays with the mail used to suck big time, but that has improved tremendously. I hope it stays that way. Filip attends to every request of ours and gives his best. Recently, we've re-signed for three albums with the label.

METALLIAN: What is the lyrical concept on Paramount Evil? If I read it correctly, it can be quite controversial.
SHYAITHAN: Paramount Evil is supreme evil, the glorification of all evil throughout mankind. This album clearly relates what history has witnessed over the long period of existence of mankind. I have done nothing but to talk about past and current events. Of course, I solemnly and sincerely do condone these barbarities! I am only being downright honest. As long as there are people dying and the world is soon to be reduced to rubble, waste and flames I will always be smiling. I don't give a fuck what the media and general population thinks. I am Shyaithan and this is Impiety. The band represents my extreme visions and beliefs. Radical if you must, but this is our message and music. Impiety is never for the faint of heart or for a womanly man. It's music for the Beast! Love it, hate it, support us or condemn us, point is we don't give a damn for sensitive fucks. It's either you're an extreme metal warhead like us or you're not, plain and simple.

METALLIAN: What are your opinions on Nazis and on Zionism?
SHYAITHAN: I am just going to say I piss on them all.

METALLIAN: What makes me wonder is how people do not object to praise of Satan, a force which seeks to destroy all supposedly, but fuss about the targeting of a country or a few people in lyrics. It is hypocritical.
SHYAITHAN: These people are shallow and definitely more woman then man. It makes me wonder why such people are into extreme metal to begin with.

METALLIAN: Fact is, they are not. On the same topic, occasionally it seems that your songs' words are less lyrics and more power phrases strung together.
SHYAITHAN: Those power phrases are strong words indeed. It gets the message across clearly, doesn't it? Well, that's one thing special about Impiety's demonic storm of sonic malevolence the music and the lyrics go hand in hand, very much like an anthem. I want fans and legions to remember the words and to feel it with the music. That is, after all what music is all about.

METALLIAN: Speaking of which, your music is nothing less than pure underground death metal, but on occasion you seem to hesitate and not go fully for the throat, like on the song Sunset Detonation. Why is that?
SHYAITHAN: It's the very first time in the history of Impiety that I have composed a really slow number like Sunset Detonation. I felt it wouldn't do justice there to go fully for the throat.

METALLIAN: Do you see yourself changing your attitude about life or metal at some point in the future?
SHYAITHAN: Well, I'd still like to gain knowledge as long as I walk and breathe in this world. I doubt I'll give up metal since it's been with me nearly half of my life. I also run a little studio dungeon and metal cult called To Megatherion in the city. The web site is at So metal has now become like a job of mine beside the band. More impious and irreligious I would love to become. I can't lie when I say to you people change for better or worse, but I'm pretty much rooted this way leading a hectic life of pure armageddon and metal.

METALLIAN: It might seem mundane to you, but to the knights at Metallian Towers Singapore is an exotic locale. How is the scene in Singapore and how do people view Impiety?
SHYAITHAN: In the late '80s Singapore's metal underground took off with many killer and cult death and speed metal bands such as Nuctemeron, Abhorer, Profancer, Dread, Bestial Colony, Demoniac, Libation, et cetra, but these bands are no more although they released some totally killer demos and EPs. Today I could recommend would be bands like Ironfist which plays blackthrash, Vrykolakas which plays brutal death metal, Rudra which plays death metal, Nympholesy which again plays brutal death metal, Demonification which is a thrash metal band, Istidraj which specializes in raw black metal, Graycode which is a grindcore band, Eibon a melodic black metal band and Flesh Disgorged which is a brutal death metal band. There are many gigs monthly which is different from a decade ago. The underground here boasts many metal fans these days, but I feel that there is a big shortage of metal fanzines. It's been really great so far and we've had a lot of support from the legions and fans here.

METALLIAN: Internationally speaking, which bands need more support and recognition and which bands have it and need to be less hyped?
SHYAITHAN: For one, it's the underground that needs all the support it can get. Major magazines seldom cover any of these bands. Shit like Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Amorphis, Cradle of Filth needs to be less hyped. Shove a dildo in them if you will.

METALLIAN: At this point, do you care to share the latest news with the band?
SHYAITHAN: We're sorting out a possible US tour assault for September or October through Paragon Records so wish us luck with this. The toughest part is getting a driver and mini-bus to travel to venue. Anyone out there who is willing to help us - we will pay him of course - please get in touch with me immediately via A European tour will take place in the autumn of 2005. Also Antimo, Eduardo and I are putting some new songs together. We plan to record a new mini-album holocaust in late summer or so. Watch for it. A ton of appreciation and hails, Ali for this interview session. Keep up the amazing work with the prestigious and ineffable Metallian.

Impiety and Shyaithan are one of those rare bands which still remember what the true spirit of metal and the underground was all about. Dirty words like conformity, accommodation and whorketing have not crossed the band's lips and hopefully never will. Talk about a breath of fresh air, but Surely that would be the wrong description for a band so vehemently very violent and vicious.