Evilized - 1998 - Black Sun
Terror Succeeds - 2000 - Black Sun
The Killer - 2002 - Hammerheart
Hellucinate - 2004 - Metal Blade
Holy Murder Massacre - 2007 - Metal Blade
Death Domination - 2009 - Metal Blade

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Power Supreme>>Klas Robin Sorqvist>>Power Supreme - Enthralled>>ERIK PETERSON>>Enthralled

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History & Biography
Impious is a Swedish thrash metal band from Trollhättan that was formed by guitarists Vladimir and Martin in 1994. The band's first show was in May of 1995 with Lord Belial. The Infernal Predomination demo soon followed. A second demo, with a new line-up (Johan Lindstrand and Marko Tervonen joined Crown Of Thorns), was recorded at the Los Angered Recording studio. In the summer of 1997 they recorded a third demo which was reportedly never released. Instead the band signed for three albums with Gothenburg's Black Sun Records. The debut was recorded at Sunlight Studio. Shows with Sinister and others followed. Terror Suceeds was issued by Century Media in America. The bassist switched to guitar.

A couple of line-up changes later, the band signed a new deal with Metal Blade Records in 2004. Hellucinate (initially entitled Hellucinations) and a compilation called Born To Suffer were issued in 2004. Impious announced Death Domination as the title for its next album, which was due in November of 2009 through Metal Blade Records. The band claimed, “this album will by far be the most crushingly brutal album we've ever made and we believe this title says it all!” The band shot a video for the song I Am The King. The band became inactive beginning 2012 despite reporting recording material in 2011.


Whaaa, another album with a tank on the cover?? Impious hails from Sweden and after a long wait of a year since recording sees its second album released and distributed on this side of the pond. The band is very inspired and it is not rare to hear snippets of old Metallica (three minute mark of The Punishment is one good example), riffing ala The Crown or bass lines resembling those of Testament. The problem that Impious faces evidently is a lack of originality. Otherwise, the band's delivery is tight, the sound clear and the enthusiasm ample. One often wonders how it is possible for a band to deliver such fast and heavy music without making much of an impact. Still, Terror Succeeds might be a good album for listeners craving for some extreme thrashing with gruff vocals. - Ali "The Metallian"

Sweden’s impious is evidently never at a standstill. The band’s new album is really a mixture of the Swedish sound many people have come to love (or hate), thrash metal and heavy metal. The vocals of Martin Akesson are extreme and gruff. The music is more diverse going from the very fast to acoustic to more brooding. The variation makes sense noting that the album is a concept better described in the album’s title. A psychopathic self-styled murderer is loose and hides behind the mask of Christ as he kills in Portertown. What is most interesting is that the band has foregone the traditional lyric sheet for a fuzzy illustrated colour comic depicting the story. It is an original idea and certainly a novel twist. Impious does not have the world’s best metal or best production, but there is enough here for a recommendation. - Anna Tergel