Theurgia Goetia Summa - 1996 - Repulse
Satanae Tenebris Infinita – 2013 – Dark Descent
Damnatio Ad Bestias – 2019 – Dark Descent
In Nomine Diaboli - 2022 - Dark Descent

Imprecation image
S= Mark Beecher – Bahimiron, Morbus 666, Wülfskol>>GRIMLORD [DAVE HERRERA]>>Bahimiron, Morbus 666, Wülfskol
G= Infernal Dominion>>Wes Weaver>>Infernal Dominion, Blaspehrian - Temple Of Wrath, Dark Reign, Funeral Shroud>>Phil Westmoreland>>Temple Of Wrath, Dark Reign, Funeral Shroud - Adumus, Adumu, Thornspawn, Morbus 666>>MILTON LUNA>>Adumus, Adumu, Thornspawn, Morbus 666 – Morgengrau, Birth A,D., Trenchant>>NICK NORRIS>>Morgengrau, Birth A.D., Trenchant
B= Mark Beecher – Andrew - Averse Sefira, Plutonian Shore, Trench Warfare, Birth A.D., Trenchant>>JEFF TANDY>> Birth A.D., Trenchant
D= Dark Reign>>Ruben Elizondo>>Dark Reign, Adumus, Morbus 666, Black Boned Angel - Black Boned Angel, Dark Reign, Adumus, Morbus 666>>Ruben Elizondo>>Black Boned Angel, Adumus, Dark Reign, Morbus 666
K= Priest

The Texas death black metal band was formed in 1991 and soon issued a demo called Ceremony Of The Nine Angles and an EP called Sigil Of Baphomet on Drowned Productions (later Repulse Records). The group opened for Paralysis. The band's debut full-length was partly recorded at Hot Dog Studio in Houston, Texas. In fact, the CD was a compilation of the band's material so far. A proper full-length was promised for 1997, yet nothing transpired. The band issued an independent EP called Live Manifestation in 2002.

Imprecation broke its decade-long silence in autumn of 2010 with two brand-new tracks in the form of The Sigil Of Lucifer 7“ EP through Negativity Records. It was limited to a once-only pressing of 666 copies. Jehovah Denied was a 2012 demo. Milton Luna joined in 2012. He was on bass first, but switched to guitar. Diabolical Flames Of The Ascended Plague was an Imprecation/Black Blood Invocation split in 2019. Nick Norris joined on guitar. Dark Descent issued In Nomine Diaboli in late 2022. Ruben Elizondo was on drums, but he had died in 2021. Wes Weaver had also died in 2021. No worries, the band did not miss a beat and recruited drummer Matt Heffner formerly of Blaspherian. The band was booked for a show called Day Of Decay in Texas to start 2023.