Theurgia Goetia Summa - 1996 - Repulse
Satanae Tenebris Infinita – 2013 – Dark Descent
Damnatio Ad Bestias – 2019 – Dark Descent

Imprecation image
S= Mark Beecher – Bahimiron, Morbus 666, Wülfskol>>GRIMLORD [DAVE HERRERA]>>Bahimiron, Morbus 666, Wülfskol
G= Infernal Dominion>>Wes Weaver>>Infernal Dominion, Blaspehrian - Temple Of Wrath, Dark Reign, Funeral Shroud>>Phil Westmoreland>>Temple Of Wrath, Dark Reign, Funeral Shroud - Adumus, Adumu, Thornspawn, Morbus 666>>MILTON LUNA>>Adumus, Adumu, Thornspawn, Morbus 666 – Morgengrau, Birth A,D., Trenchant>>NICK NORRIS>>Morgengrau, Birth A.D., Trenchant
B= Mark Beecher – Andrew - Averse Sefira, Plutonian Shore, Trench Warfare, Birth A.D., Trenchant>>JEFF TANDY>> Birth A.D., Trenchant
D= Dark Reign>>Ruben Elizondo>>Dark Reign, Adumus, Morbus 666 - Dark Reign, Adumus, Morbus 666>>RUBEN ELIZONDO>>Adumus, Dark Reign, Morbus 666

The Texas death black metal band was formed in 1991 and soon issued a demo called Ceremony Of The Nine Angles and an EP called Sigil Of Baphomet on Drowned Productions (later Repulse Records). The group opened for Paralysis. The band's debut full-length was partly recorded at Hot Dog Studio in Houston, Texas. In fact, the CD was a compilation of the band's material so far. A proper full-length was promised for 1997, yet nothing transpired. The band issued an independent EP called Live Manifestation in 2002. Imprecation broke its decade-long silence in autumn of 2010 with two brand-new tracks in the form of The Sigil Of Lucifer 7“ EP through Negativity Records. It was limited to a once-only pressing of 666 copies. Jehovah Denied was a 2012 demo. Milton Luna joined in 2012. He was on bass first, but switched to guitar. Diabolical Flames Of The Ascended Plague was an Imprecation/Black Blood Invocation split in 2019. Nick Norris joined on guitar.