Chaos Complete - 2003 - Cold
9Th Order Extinct - 2005 - Metal Blade

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The Lucky Dead, Predead, The Deadbeats, Edge of Sanity, Infestdead, Marduk>>Andreas Axelsson

Ashes, Pan.Thy.Monium, Opthalamia, Facebreaker>>Robert Ivarsson>>Ashes, Facebreaker - Unmoored, Solar Dawn, Torchbearer, Lord Of Thrones, Scar Symmetry, Red Skies Dawning, Evendim, Sattyg, Mines Of Moria, The Stink-Bug Collective, Orgy Of Flesh, Syconaut, The Few Against Many, Quest Of Aidance>>CHRISTIAN ÄLVESTAM>>Scar Symmetry, Unmoored, The Few Against Many, Quest Of Aidance

Jarawynja, Ment, Vorhees, Solar Dawn, The Few Against Many>>Anders Edlund>>Solar Dawn, Vorhees, The Few Against Many

Solar Dawn, Traumatized, Unmoored, Torchbearer, Quest Of Aidance>>HENRIK SCHÖNSTRÖM>>Unmoored, Quest Of Aidance

History & Biography
Incapacity is one of those famed Swedish projects put together by half a dozen scene participants traversing the line-up of half a dozen Swedish metal bands. In this case, Incapacity was put together after Cold Records offered Solar Dawn's Anders Edlund a contract without a band or song being in place. The band was stitched together in 2002 and issued its debut in 2003. The band's first vocalist was Solar Dawn/Edge Of Sanity singer Robert Karlsson. The album was recorded by Carnal Forge's Jonas Kjellgren.

The band would temporarily use The Crown's Johan Lindstrand for one show. Metal Blade licensed the second album. It was produced by Mieszko Talarzcyk at Soundlab Studio. Ivarsson was out in 2005. Älvestam was also handling the vocals. He had replaced Johan Lindstrad who was busy with One Man Army And The Undead Quartet. Edlund was also out in 2005. Jani Stefanovic took over. His history included Sins Of Omission, but he was also in The Few Against Many and Miseration with Älvestam. All the defection put the band on ice for 2007 and 2008.