Human Flesh - 2001 - Demonic
Pleasure Of Consumption - 2006 - Selfmadegod
Try Before Die - 2014 - Selfmadegod

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Auschwitz, Terminator, D.O.C., Lifelong Suffering, Dead Infection>>Golab [Wojciech Gołumbiewski] - Recrimination, Dead Infection, Squash Bowels>>PIERSCIEN [ROBERT PIERŚCIŃSKI]>>Dead Infection, Squash Bowels

Neuropathia, Squash Bowels>>PIERSCIEN [ROBERT PIERŚCIŃSKI]>>Squash Bowels - Milek - Neuropathia>>THOMAS

Auschwitz, Terminator, D.O.C., Lifelong Suffering, Dead Infection>>Golab [Wojciech Gołumbiewski] - Konrad

Parodie Sacrass, Primeval Empire, Immense Grief>>Bartosh [Bartek Lorenc] - Squash Bowels, Neuropathia>>Psyhoradek [Radosław Pierściński]>>Neuropathia, Meat Spreader, Eternal Rot, The Dead Goats - Parodie Sacrass, Primeval Empire, Immense Grief>>BARTOSH [BARTEK LORENC]

History & Biography
Incarnated was formed in Bialystok, Poland in 1992 describing its music as "Goreophobic Slaughtering Metal". The band's early output was the Empire Of Rot demo, which was released in 1993. Next up was an Incarnated/Dead Infection split album from 1994. This was followed by the Atrocious Vermin, a split with Damnable, which was now on CD for the first time, and Promo '97. The Polish death metal unit finally released a full-length called Human Flesh in 2001. The sole remaining original member was Pierscien.

The group recorded its second full-length album at Bloodline Studio in January, 2006. The record, entitled Pleasure Of Consumption, would be released through Selfmadegod Records in March. Parricide, Incarnated and Reexamine released a split in 2008 through Mad Lion Records. It was called The 3 Ways Of A Brutality.

Incarnated's 2014 album Try Before Die is out now through Selfmadegod. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Bloodline Studio, Białystok, Poland and engineered by Robert Pierscinski.


Picked this little underground dittie up at Toronto's Metal Market and it almost brought the tower down - not really, for The Metallian Tower is unassailable you mere mortal fools. Comprised of a dozen songs from these two little-known Polish bands, the split CD kicks in as it ends: in a massive power surge. While the cautionary note here would be the less than perfect sound for both bands - most probably respective demos on CD - I can assure you that if death metal/grindcore of full authenticity is your cup of phlegm, neither of these bands will disappoint. By the same token Damnable (Side The Futuristic Trial of Mankind) and Incarnated (Side Atrocious Vermin) are very different bands. I will not go as far as deifying this, but Damnable who get nine tracks to their name have one of the fastest blasts (hell, the whole song) I have ever had the pleasure to altar dive to. Fans of Miasma and early Monstrosity know what I am speaking of when I say Damnable up the ante in the speed for speed's sake sweep stakes - and that is explicitly a compliment. Incarnated have more down tuned sound akin to Austria's Disharmonic Orchestra (early) or Sweden's Crematory. But what got me was how similar to early Grave the band's solos are. Comparing Incarnated and early Grave, the bands share the same sound and style of lead guitaring which probably is not exactly a coincidence. Fans of the early death/ grindcore will no doubt worship these agents of metal. All in all then more than bargain for money and here's to hearing more from these bands soon! - Ali "The Metallian"

Following a long absence from the scene Polish extremists Incarnated have, well, been reincarnated and are back to pound flesh, slap meat and make chests heave under the pressure of brutality. The album features a cover of Hypocrisy’s Oscullum Obscenum and three songs (Genetic Deformations, Rotten Visions and Your Mad Mind) from a 1997 promo release. The rest of the album is comprised of music that grinds like a runaway train skidding out of control on rails with a guitar sound that buzzes like a hot rumour on Angelina Jolie on a lesbian website. Take the sound of Swedeath, add a pinch of Exhumed here and a dash of Haemorrhage there, ask the singer to vomit the concoction on cue and the whole rotten course becomes Pleasure Of Consumption. As far as criticism goes one could target the repetitive and badly triggered drumming. Beef that sound next time and watch Incarnated become even more disgusting than the cover shot. - Ali “The Metallian”