The Slaughter – 2009 – I Scream
All Out War – 2012 – Minus Head
Oppression – 2016 – Minus Head
Built to Destroy – 2019 – Minus Head
Wake Up Dead – 2022 – Atomic Fire

Incite image

Kevin “Dis” McAllister - Vivicide>>Dru Tang" Rome – Holy Grail, Huntress, Ignite>>ELI SANTANA>>Holy Grail, Huntress, Ignite

Luis Marrufo - Autumn's End>>CHRISTOPHER “EL” ELSTEN

Zak Sofaly – Anthem, M.O.D., Rotting Corpse>>DEREK “LENNON” LOPEZ>>Rotting Corpse

History & Biography
Groovecore band Incite was founded in 2004. Murder was a 2006 demo. The line-up turned over in 2006. Divided We Fail was a 2009 demo. A debut record was issued in late 2009. Kevin and Richie were the survivors by the time Soulfly, Incite and King Parrot toured Europe in 2016. Oppression was released. Eli Santana joined in 2019. The band toured Europe. The band also toured the USA with Kataklysm, Soulfly and Chaoseum.

Machine Head-influenced Incite signed a contract with Atomic Fire Records to start 2022. An album called Wake Up Dead was out on March 25th. The band was recommended by mallcore musician Dez Fafara of Devildriver who also managed Jinjer and Cradle Of Filth. Incite was booked at the Loud As Hell festival in Alberta, Canada in 2023. Cavalera was conducting the Morbid Devastation tour in the autumn of 2023 with Incite and Exhumed opening. The band was announced for the Toledo Death Fest in Toledo, Ohio, USA, but pulled out.

Richie Cavalera is the son of Gloria Cavalera and stepson of Max Cavalera of Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy. Gloria managed the band as she did her husband’s acts. Max Cavalera was on Nuclear Blast, which was the fountainhead for Atomic Fire.