Symphonies of Spiritual Cannibalism - 1991 - WVR
Mcgillroy The Housefly - 1992 - WVR
Hirnnektar - 1993 - SPV
MCMETALXCVIII - 1998 - Godz Greed
Divine Comedy - 2000 - Godz Greed
LieBISSlieder - 2008 - Massacre

Incubator image
S= The Sixth Incubator>>Chris Mummelthey>>The Sixth Incubator

G= Michael Hahn>>Rhythm Junkies, Cold Embrace - Subcutane>>Marcel Wroblewski>>Subcutane, Killfloor Mechanic - Lasse Lammert>>Killfloor Mechanic

B= Stephan Becker - Warpath>>Dirk “Digger” Weiss>>Warpath

D= Dominik Thomsen - Mischa Wagner>>Subcutane

History & Biography
Germany's Incubator was a death metal band whose output insisted on humour and less than serious tomfoolery. By the turn of the century none of the members save singer Mummel they were left behind and a name change to Inc was in order. Thomsen killed himself in 2005.

As is usual, the band returned to its former monicker and reappeared in 2006. The Germans had a new album called lieBISSlieder through Massacre Records. The band went on hiatus again only to return with Hahn as the sole member in 2014.