Indestroy - 1987 - New Renaissance

Indestroy image
S= Blind Illusion>>MARK STRASSBOURG>>Possessed

G= Drew Adrian - DANNY KENNYON>>Vortex Of Insanity, Gut Soup - Blind Illusion>>MARK STRASSBOURG>>Possessed - SHAWN WILLIAMS

B= JEFF PARSONS>>Wretched, Unorthodox

D= Gus Basilika>>Goat Lord, Life Beyond, Gut Soup - ROB COUGIN BRANNIGAN>>Vortex Of Insanity

History & Biography
This Rockville, Maryland crossover band was formed in 1983 and named after a song by The Obsessed. It was one of the bands serially signed and spat out by New Renaissance Records. The first sign of life was 1986's Tortured By Fire tape. The debut was followed by an EP called Senseless Theories in 1989 through Restless Records. The band attempted to attract a new deal in 1990, but soon went asunder.