The Malignity Born From Despair - 2006 - Unmatched Brutality

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S= Defiant Manner, One Last Victim>>Oota Katsuyuki>>Defiant Manner, One Last Victim, Infernal Revulsion, Palm

G= Defiant Manner, One Last Victim>>SUGANO TAKUMA>>Defiant Manner, One Last Victim

B= Defiant Manner>>OOTA KATSUYUKI>>Defiant Manner

D= Defiant Manner>>SUGANO YUUTO>>Defiant Manner, Undead Corporation, Devil Within, Thousand Eyes

History & Biography
Japanese death metal band Infected Malignity was formed in the summer of 2004. Bassist Keiichi Hayasaka was lost in 2005, but the band obtained a deal and was soon touring with label-mates Insidious Decrepancy in 2006. A self-titled 2005 demo and a split with the likes of Worms Inside preceded the album. The band issued an EP, entitled Re:bel, through Galy Records in 2007 and then disappeared.


The newcomers from Japan are certainly influenced by the American Suffocation school of death metal. The opener Anesthetized Vision has the grunts, the slow crunchy riffs and the some times technical riffs all interspersed with speedy parts so closely associated with the wave of American metal of the '90’s. Revival features the same slow, fast parts exchange and the industry favourite 'groovy' riffs. Cruel Recollection follows the same pattern. Desperate Death is faster at times but is never too far from the aforementioned famous style. Frightened At The Crime, Revenge To Capitalism (interesting title) and Retaliate Against The Pain round out this heavy but not original album. Reflected Loss closes the album and sounds like it could be an older song since it features more thrashy riff and even a brief solo. An unnamed ninth track is also included after a few silent seconds at the end. The production is loud and clear but sometimes very basic, the drum sound for example is virtually live and un-produced. - Anna Tergel


Infected Malignity