The Wisdom Of Obscure Dimensions - 2003 - Goregiastic
Necrophorus Humator - 2005 – Hecatombe
Abicen Abora – 2011 - Hecatombe
The Order Of The Black Kestrel – 2021 - Art Gates

Infernal Hate image
S= Ten Thousand Sufferings>>SEVEN 'SEVENSUI' GARCIA>>Ten Thousand Sufferings

G= Ten Thousand Sufferings>>SEVEN GARCIA

B= Seven Garcia - Ten Thousand Sufferings>>DAVID DEATHKULT>>Ten Thousand Sufferings

D= Internal Suffering>>Fabio "Dr. Grinder" Ramirez>>Carnal, Internal Suffering - Blackened>>JOSE ‘MONSTRO’ MANUEL>>Blackened

History & Biography
This joint Colombian and Spanish death metal band was responsible for one album before disbanding. The album featured a guest appearance by Nils of Disavowed on bass and was recorded at the Excess Studios in Holland. The group was originally formed in 2000. The group returned with a demo in 2005, which lead to another album.

The Spain-based act signed with Art Gates Records in 2021 to issue an album that year. New signees Infernal Hate had named its album The Order Of The Black Kestrel. It was coming out through Art Gates Records worldwide on November 26th. Infernal Hate, Defiled and Exhumed toured Japan in the summer of 2023.



Infernal Hate