Threnodist>>INFESTER - USA

To The Depths... In Degradation - 1994 - Moribund

Infester image
S= Meatshits>>JASON O. [JASON OLIVER]>>Meatshits

G= Meatshits>>JASON O. [JASON OLIVER]>>Meatshits

B= Meatshits>>TODD S. [TODD STEVENSON]>>Meatshits

D= Meatshits>>DJ DERNA>>Meatshits, Abazagorth, Evoken, Funebrarum, Drawn & Quartered, Krohm, Ritual Chamber, Vetus Obscurum

History & Biography
Infester was formed in Seattle in 1992 and quickly issued a demo called Darkness Unveiled. The band had existed as Threnodist for a year. Two songs from the demo were issued by Moribund Records as a single. This lead to a full-length release two years later for the Satanic band. The members also sessioned for Meatshits in the studio and played backing band to that band's Robert Deathrage. Dario Derna sang and played guitar for Abazagorth and keyboards for Evoken.