Internal Dark Force - 2006 - Utterly Somber Creations
Sub Atris Caelis - 2009 - Deathgasm

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G= Dodecameron>>Guillermo Sanders - Mortem Christ, Omision, The Chasm, Mordskog>>ROBERTO LIZARRAGA>>Omision, The Chasm, Mordskog - Deathevokation>>Steve Brogden - Ninth Level, Man Destroys Himself>>NOEL BELLO>>Man Destroys Himself
B= Pyosisified>>Julio Ornelas - Infernal Conjuration, Omision>>EMMANUEL LUNA>>Infernal Conjuration, Omision
D= Sadistic Intent, Omision>>Joel Marquez>>Omision - Ezequiel Mercado

Tijuana’s Infinitum Obscure was formed in 2000. The band was heard on a split release with Ancient Gods in 2003. The Mexican band’s side was later re-issued as a standalone vinyl in 2009. After many line-up changes the group issued a delayed 2006 debut full-length called Internal Dark Force through Utterly Somber Creations. Mexico's Infinitum Obscure was to tour Russia in February of 2011. The band was supporting its 2009 album Sub Atris Caelis which was issued by Deathgasm. Mexico’s Infinitum Obscure would set sail towards European soil in April, 2012 for the first time since the band's inception 12 years before. The Congregation Of The Obscure - European Tour 2012, featuring Dead Congregation from Greece and Infinitum Obscure, was presented by Germany's Iron Bonehead Productions.

Roberto Lizarraga guested on bass for Incantation. He also guested for The Chasm from 2004 to 2007.



Infinitum Obscure