Internal Life - 1996 - Grind Your Soul
Ex-pulsion - 1997 - Grind Your Soul
Growth - 2000 - Grind Your Soul
Life - 2004 - Grind Your Soul
The Fifth Season - 2009 - Grind Your Soul
Expulsed - 2013 - Grind Your Soul
Eternal Life – 2021 – Grind Your Soul

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Blindness, Untamed, Department Of Correction, The Man And The Abyss>>DAMIEN CIVIDINI>>Blindness, Untamed, Department Of Correction, The Man And The Abyss



History & Biography
Strasbourg’s Inhumate was formed in 1990 by guitarist David Loessl, bassist Fred, vocalist Olivier and drummer Stephane. When the drummer left for Apoplexy and Olivier disappeared the grinders recruited new members and recorded a demo called Abstract Suffering in 1993. The band also gave its first live performance in June of that year. A new line-up recorded a new demo in1995 called Grind Your Soul (which also became the name of drummer Giess’ distribution business) and another promotional demo in 1996. From here the band launched into full-length albums with the first showing up in 1996. The band played at the Obscene Extreme Festival in the Czech Republic in July of 2003. A demo-CD called Life appeared in 2004. The band suspended activity in October of 2005 because it had lost its rehearsal space. Having said that, the band performed a fifteenth anniversary show with Deranged in that autumn. A DVD called At War With... Inhumate was out in 2007. The band’s The Fifth Season demo was out April of 2009. Obscene Extreme America announced that Providence, RI hardcore band Dropdead and French grindcore band Inhumate were confirmed to perform at 2015’s fest taking place in Montreal, Canada that August. Like many other bands Inhumate became active writing and recording during the pandemic. Eternal Life was out in April 2021. The band was involved in the organization of the Soul Grinding Festival. The band’s albums form a sequential concept with the titles hinting at the chapter’s story. Grind Your Soul is the band’s imprint.


It is a strange world where a band of the sheer grinding magnitude of Inhumate can exist unsigned while multitudes of inferior acts infest the metal scene. Perhaps it’s the band’s French origin? Possibly this manifestation of musical violence is too heavy for A&R to fathom? Could it be that crushing riffs don’t sell in the age of mallcore and keyboard-ridden 'metal' bands? Will it help if Inhumate wears a Pinnochio mask? Extreme and progressive fans forgive my rant and order Growth. The music is fast and brutal, the band has composed a lyrical theme continued from release to release, the singer sounds like he originates from one of the planets pictured on the back cover and the sound is big and completely professional. This will eradicate half of Finland in 01 seconds. 1 Rue Du College, 67170 Brumath France.

Five years after their last full-length, Life, Inhumate is back for another brutal dose of no vocal effects grind. The 5th Season continues the band’s concept based series of albums and signifies a time of wisdom, serenity and knowledge. In 34 minutes and 19 songs the French quartet provide the wisdom and do what they have always done best with a relatively thick sound and no-nonsense approach to short in your face songs. Growls, screams and most every other conceivable vocal type accompany titles like 21 Grams, Hellmaze, Flames, Mic Crusher and Whisper just to name a few. Not surprisingly, only two songs, It’s Back and the It’s Back (Bonus) - yes it’s featured twice and the 'bonus' version is five seconds longer - break the three-minute mark. It’s Back features cello and weeping sounds as well courtesy of Weepers Circus, which last over half the song. Inhumate are at times very much a French Napalm Death. With the band remaining fully independent it means that it is time to support them now by visiting or by writing to - Anna Tergel