Decomposing From Inside - 2000 - Bones Brigade
In For The Kill - 2003 - Osmose
Chaos Dissection Order - 2007 - Osmose
Moulding The Deformed - 2010 - War Anthem

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Cliteater, Drowning In Tears, Sinister>>Joost Silvrants>> Cliteater, Drowning In Tears, Sinister – Slamsquad, ASO>>DORUS VAN OOIJ [JOHAN DIRKX]>>Slamsquad, ASO

Disgorge, Mangled>>Harold Gielen>>Disgorge, Mangled, Defy The Curse, Legion Of The Damned, - Drowning In Tears, Mangled, Bile, Skullhog>>BEN JANSSEN>>Drowning In Tears, Mangled, Bile, Skullhog

Drowning In Tears, Insult, Mangled, Martyrium, Blind To Faith, Bile, Skullhog>>LOEK PEETERS>>Martyrium, Drowning In Tears, Blind To Faith, Bile, Skullhog

Disinfest, Asphyx, God Dethroned, Malignant, Kill Division, Snaggletoöth>>Roel Sanders>>God Dethroned, Malignant, Kill Division, Snaggletoöth, Mass Deception

History & Biography
The Dutch death metal and grindcore band Inhume was set upon humanity in the autumn of 1994 when five musicians gathered round to follow in the footsteps of their heroes, Carcass, Napalm Death and Terrorizer. The band recorded a ten-song demo in November of 1995 and was soon joined by a sixth member. Soon Inhume was performing live with Dead Infection, Agathocles and Pentacle, among others.

A year later the band participated in a live split-release with Suppository and another with Mundo de Mierda. A new demo was bashed together at its rehearsal room in 1997. Later that year drummer Roel and guitarist Richard departed leaving the band in the lurch on the eve of a tour with Deranged and Vomitory. A drummer called Michiel was found, but did not last. Early 1999 brought Sinister’s Eric de Windt. He soon left too and the band finally returned to the original skinsman, Roel. A split-7” with Blood came next. Having obtained a contract with Bones Brigade Inhume recorded a CD called Decomposing From Inside which was released in the spring of 2000. The band issued a split CD called Dutch Assault in 2003. The band recorded a promo for Osmose Productions in 2001 which lead to a contract with the French label. Osmose Production released the band’s third album in April of 2007. The band also recorded music for a Napalm Death covers CD. Remco Verhees joined on drums in 2016. Putrid Offal and Inhume would tour Europe in October 2018. The Netherlands-based band‘s 25th anniversary compilation of rarities Exhume: 25 Years Of Decomposition was released through Xenokorp on December 7th.


Inhume is the post-apocalyptic cousin to Napalm Death. The best representative for the band's all-out grindcore assault is the creature on the cover of the album. He is out to kill, rape and ravage and will not take 'no' for an answer. The vocals are of the 'tunnel-of-wind' variety, the drums blast to eternity and the guitars outlast the drive of a buzzsaw by a long shot. Having said that, In For The Kill commits the deed via sixteen songs in just half and hour. With a tempo change as likely on an Inhume album as something nutritious in a bucket of KFC, the Dutch monomaniacs have created the year's ultimate tribute to (a)musical insanity. - Ali "The Metallian"

Not sure whether the Dutch death grinders are paying a subconscious tribute to the disbanded American band Order From Chaos here or not, but either way this album kiiiiilllllls! Vrrrrooom”¦ from the moment the album’s first song Superior Existence (indeed!) kicks off to the closing moment of Hate/Kill Chaos Dissection Order showers the listener with the fastest slab of extremeness this side of a Cephalic Carnage album. Speed up early Dying Fetus, bring in compatriots Prostitute Disfigurement and howling vocals that compete with the other Osmose band Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition and Inhume is not going to leave any speed freak wanting.
Chaos Dissection Order is the sub-genre’s Reign In Blood. The blare of music leaves nary a room for riffs, but this sucker does not slow down for anything. There are 16 tracks on this disc and each title would constitute an adequate description of the band’s approach. - Ali “The Metallian”