Serenadium - 1996 - Emanzipation
Five Across The Eyes - 1999 - Mighty
Grime - 2001 - Mighty

Iniquity image
Brian Petrowsky - Swollen, Corpus Mortale, Strangler>>MADS HAARLOV>>Corpus Mortale, Strangler

Nations Of Death>>Lars Friis>>Faith Industrius - Brian Petrowsky - Swollen, Corpus Mortale, Strangler>>MADS HAARLOV>>Corpus Mortale, Strangler - Brian Eriksen>>Corpus Mortale, Atobic - Sacrificial>>Kraen Meier>>Sacrificial

Thomas Christensen>>Konkhra, Daemon, Red Warszawa, Infernal Death - Swollen>>Thomas Fagerlind>>Thorium, Daemon, Downlord

Jacob Olsen - Thorium, Nations Of Death, Eciton>>JESPER FROST JENSEN>>Thorium, Nations Of Death, Eciton, Downlord

History & Biography
Formed in 1989 in a suburb of Copenhagen Iniquity quickly specialized in Danish death metal and line-up changes. The band issued a demo called World Of Despair in 1991, Entering Deception in 1992 and Promo 93 and appeared on the Fuck You We’re from Denmark compilation in 1992. The main man during this period was singer Petrowsky. The band also had a keyboardist during the demo days.

The band garnered a deal with the Danish Emanzipation label and recorded Serenadium at Borsing Studio before losing drummer Olsen. The band issued an EP called The Hidden Lore with it an overhauled line-up through Mighty Music and soon issued its Five Across The Eyes disc. This album was licensed to Pavement Music for the USA. Mighty Music issued a band sampler, featuring rarities, in 2003 called Iniquity Bloody Iniquity.

Brian Petrowsky, one-time singer and guitarist of the band died in April of 2011 at the age of 37. No reason was provided.


After threatening to release some genuinely heavy metal for over a year the sires at Mighty finally come up with the new Iniquity, a band that has been a mainstay of the Danish scene for the whole decade. Equal parts Danish death (early Konkhra, Illdisposed, etc) and post Carcass riffing, full length number two is chock full of blasting death with the interspersed complex parts. The sound is strong and the vokills mimic a carcinogen on two legs with perfection. Some titles are Random Bludgeon Battery, The Rigormortified Grip and Surgical Orb. You tell me what this sounds like. - Ali "The Metallian"

'Fuck the world he said And the bullet went straight through his head' - from The Bullets Breath. The chap could have experienced the same death...only without the dying. Grime would do. Formed in 1989 Iniquity is not only a veteran Danish metal band, but also one of the oldest Euro-death bands still commercially undefiled. It's not only a question of mere survival either. The band's music is heavy. It packs a punch and heaves enough at the listener to make it a chore just to breathe. Danish style vocals (i.e. Illdisposed) pile on top of semi-technical and complex death metal with more lyrics per square inch than there is piss and water in a barrel of Budweiser. With yet another successful sound engineering from Jacob Hansen there is no reason not to storm your local record store to experience some Grime. - Ali "The Metallian"

Mighty Music is making it easy for anyone who has been meaning to check out this Danish death metal band. Iniquity is a veteran death metal band which alongside its counterparts, Sacrificial and Illdisposed, has maintained a mid-paced dirge with deep growling and shows little sign of slowing down. This disc is in fact a compilation of the band's music which also includes several rare songs, as well a video for The Bullet's Breath which my computer would not display! The material is heavy (except the joke songs 12-14) and shows the veteran act at its best. Several songs should have been cut down by a minute or so, but overall Iniquity is a respectable death metal band which, as mentioned, has paid its dues to the scene. The CD booklet comes with a collage of photographs and interesting quotations. - Ali "The Metallian"