Death After Death - 1992 - Black Lung/M.B.R.
Unspeakable Axe Records – 2015 – Unspeakable Axe

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Bob Martinez - DAVE GORSUCH

Mosh Until Death>>DAVE GORSUCH>>Mosh Until Death - Matt Janko

Josh Santiaga

Parkash Sharma – Indignation>>JUAN CASAREZ

History & Biography
Death metal band Insanity was formed in 1985 in the California Bay Area. The band issued a debut demo in the same year. Guitarist and co-founder Joe DeZuniga passed away two years later. This ensured a discussed deal with Nuclear Blast would be shelved. The band continued on until a falling out between David Gorsuch and the rest of the members meant a split resulting in the departing members reforming their erstwhile band, Poverty, in 2001. Sacrefixion was a 2001 EP. The group was on hiatus for the next four years. Co-founding drummer Bud Mills died in 2007. Visions Of Apocalypse was a 2010 demo. It was re-recorded and re-issued by Unspeakable Axe Records in 2015. A proposed split with Spawn Of Satan honouring Joe DeZuniga was officially cancelled years later following the death of Spawn’s Jim Konya in 2015.

There were twice as many bands called Insanity on the metal scene as there are white trash RV parks in Nebraska. Black Lung was the band’s own imprint.