Divine Decomposition - 1996 - Unisound
The Day God Died - 2006 - Grim Nocturnal
Hymns Of The Gods Before – 2020 - CDN

Insatanity image
Rev. Mark Rochar [Mark Passio]>>Omegalord – Inhumanity, Pyrexia>>CHRIS LYTLE>>Inhumanity

Unhallowed, Shrouded Deity, Sapremia>>Jay Lipitz – Inhumanity, Trephination>>Dan Roberts>>Trephination – Carnal Befoulment>>SCOTT ZUPET – Amghelis>>VANESSA CORDOBA

Inhumanity, Trephination>>Dan Roberts>>Trephination – Inhumanity, Pyrexia, Seeds Of Perdition, Dark Disciple>>CHRIS LYTLE>>Inhumanity, Seeds Of Perdition, Dark Disciple

Oconus>>Matt Mazenga - Malevolent Creation, Council Of The Fallen, Divine Empire>>Dave Kinkade>>Kastasyde, Borknagar, Soulfly, The Monarch – Catalysis, Perdition Temple, Amon, Brutality, Malevolent Creation, Blightmass, Phalanx Inferno>>RON PARMER>>Catalysis, Perdition Temple, Amon, Brutality, Malevolent Creation, Blightmass, Phalanx Inferno

History & Biography
Insatanity is a Philadelphia death metal band that was formed in 1992. The band issued several demos (Insatanity, Ad Maiorem Satanae Glorium and Unholiness Rising) before entering a contract with Greece's Unisound Records. One album was issued but after a series of disagreements the group switched to the New York-based Mortal Coil label. This resulted in a compilation appearance and a split disc with Immortal Suffering.

The band's line-up has been re-hauled several times. The band came out of a hiatus of several years and promised new material for 2005. Most recently Lytle switched to vocals. Insatanity and drummer Dave Kinkade parted ways due to personal and professional differences in the autumn of 2007. The band was using Mark Green as a stand-in drummer for upcoming shows.

Aside from the usual compilations and the comings and goings of a dozen members, the band had an EP, called upon The Ivory Throne, in 2018. A new record appeared through the Canadian CDN Records in 2020. The line-up was overhauled. The band jumped on the self-cover version bandwagon in 2022 and announced a 30th anniversary edition of Divine Decomposition re-recorded with new artwork.


While slightly better-known than Immortal Suffering, Insatanity is more of a name due to its many underground activities, not to mention its clever name. It is not only the bands and the label which are purely underground either. The artwork, music, lyrics and the whole 'split' concept are creations of the metal underground. Now that the target market is clearly defined the bands' music can itself be defined as good old death metal with slow/fast arrangements and deep vocals. Insatanity is more religion-oriented in its lyrics, while Immortal Suffering is entangled in the web of horror - a fact which is accentuated by its Impetigo-style use of samples. There is little to rave about here and little to complain about. The line is drawn. This is purely for death metal fanatics. Others will find little use for this disc. May this be the beginning of a new and successful death metal label. - Ali "The Metallian"