Extraction – 2017 – Galy

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Mortör, Dissentient>>STÉPHANE JOMPHE

Martin Samson – Dissentient, Rhino>>BEAV [VINCENT LAPRADE SÉGUIN]>>Rhino - Mortör>>ANTONIN PERRAS-FOISY


Philipe Moreau-Latreille

History & Biography
The band was founded in 2003 and issued demos in 2004 and 2008. The Prologue and Fracture demos followed, as did the Prototype demo, which was distributed by Galy Records. Gatineau, Canada-based Insurrection would issue an album called Extraction – at one time reported as Data Extracted … End Transmission - in October 2017 through Galy Records. Pierre Rémillard at Wild Studio produced it. The band was touring Eastern Canada. Martin Samson moved to bass from guitar. Steph Desilets joined on drums. A 2018 video was for System Failure. The video was shot during the band's performance at La Grande Guignolee Underground #11 in December 2018 to raise money and food for local Montreal charity SunYouth along with other well-known Canadian metal bands BARF, Cryptopsy and others. The band booked a couple of shows for 2019.


Prototype is this Gatineau, Canada quintet's third full-length. This is mostly standard technical death metal. What standard means is perhaps up to the listener. The band doesn’t go crazy as far as the tempo goes or there is little to no sign of blast beats here for example. Just solid sometimes unoriginal death metal with guitar breaks that may give the band the technical tag. This is also reflected in the vocals of Stef Jomphe (ex-Mortor). In a world where metalcore has too much influence it is refreshing and in itself original to listen to a release which features little of it. It is a bit easier to look over any negatives and deficiencies when a band seems less inclined to follow the crowd. The image of the band is that of chopping and cutting in the operating room, again not the most original, but true to the style and not on a bandwagon. Prototype is ten songs (plus a techno sounding intro) and 40 minutes long. It is produced by Topon Das (Fuck The Facts, etc.) and mixed by scene veteran Pierre Remillard. It is sometimes sung in French. Flood the streets to support the uprising and check for news. – Anna Tergel