Second Sight - 2004 - Underground Symphony
As Our Army Grows - 2007 - Napalm
Shape Of Rage - 2011 - Pure Legend
Songs Of A Broken Future – 2020 – Pure Steel

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Adrian Carloss>>Pain Control, Inner Eden - NICK PALMER - DAVE PEAK

Eddie Marsh>>Gripshift, Lionsheart, Nine Miles Down – Coldblooded>>STEPHEN BRINE

Andy Wright – The Dreaming Tree>>NEIL ABLARD>>The Dreaming Tree

History & Biography
Intense was formed early-'90s in Basingstoke, England. The band soon taped a demo called Vampire kiss and another called Blinded featuring guitarist Ade Carloss. Guitarist Chris Allen would soon end up in Shadowkeep. Many shows later the band recorded and issued its debut mini album Dark Season through its own label. The band would attempt to de-emphasize this recording in later years. This was followed by a demo called Defiant Till Death. Safe to say the band was knocked out of the circuit and soon was near death due decampments. By the time the band recorded another demo, The chosen Ones, only singer Sean was left standing. He and his new cohorts (including one-time Holosade drummer Andy Barker) would write songs, but live shows were rare. David Peak would soon return. The line-up signed to Italy's Underground Symphony for a new album. Having again signed to a useless label the band began promoting its album on its own. Second Sight was recorded by Threshold's Karl Groom. Live appearances followed. The group signed with Napalm Records and issued its second album in 2007. In 2011, Intense signed a deal with Pure Legend Records. The band's third album, Shape Of Rage, was again recorded at Thin Ice Studio with Karl Groom of Threshold. Songs Of A Broken Future appeared almost a decade after its predecessor and amazingly the band’s line-up had remained stable. The album was supported through a video for the song Head Above Water. Karl Groom produced this album as well.


What do you know? Intense is a true blue heavy metal band from the land of mallcore, Kerwank and M*t*l Hamster. It must suck to have pushed the garbage for ten years and still see bands like Intense pop up right under your nose. Could it be that there is some truth to the saying that 'you can't kill metal'? Hell yeah. The dead can't be killed.
The British band Intense has issued its second official release and first full-length here through the Italian label Underground Symphony. The album is long and features pure heavy metal for the most part. The band is probably influenced by NWOBHM bands like Iron Maiden and Grim Reaper and reflects it in its songs. The album's stronger songs, like The Skull Of Sidon and Collision Of Destinies, are full-blown power songs with a good tempo and very good guitar interplay. In fact, the album's highlight is surely the guitarists' soloing and strong sense of rhythm. When the guitars begin to go the spirit of metal truly comes to the fore with Intense. The band needs to keep this up. The vocals do not fare quite as well occasionally coming across as flat. Sean Hetherington is not a bad singer, but he needs to get out of his comfort zone every once in a while. A different pitch here, a scream there would do the entire band good. The rhythm section, in tandem with the sound, is solid and dependable.
The arrival of Intense's Second Sight is a welcome omen. The scene needs more albums in this genre. - Ali "The Metallian"