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Interview with Storm Upon The Masses’ main songwriter and guitarist, Sandro Di Cairano – 07.04.2024

A new and updated interview with the underground entity ASTARIUM – 06.04.2024

LOUDERYELL interview with singer Linda Binaschi: “The ‘80s are not going to die” – 01.11.2023

CLASSIC METAL: TEMTRIS: Where did these guys come from? That is what you may ask upon hearing the Khaos Divine album. – 08.07.2023

CLASSIC METAL: Part interview, part history lesson and part death metal origin story: SAMHAIN and DESEXULT upon release of The Courier LP in 2023 – 29.06.2023

An interview with the man behind the underground solo act DIE ENTWEIHUNG – 24.06.2023

Metallian interview with the band HYL and its guitarist and bassist Riccardo Costantino – 12.06.2023

China-based deathrash band ANATHEMATISE interview including exclusive news: Old-school underground metal and Shaw Brothers – 12.04.2023

Metallian interview with Genevieve Rodda the singer for Australia-based TEMTRIS upon release of Khaos Divine – 12.03.2023

HELL FREEZES OVER guitarist Ryoto in an interview by Metallian with the conversation going from the local convenience store to thrash metal with a detour to Babymetal and Lynyrd Skynyrd – 26.02.2023

SiN of ASTARIUM interviewed on the occasion of two releases in a conversation that addressed the music, biographical information, keyboards, cover models and more – 23.02.2023

SWORD interview upon release of the III album: “a good metal or hard rock song depends on the riff” – 29.12.2022

New interview with Takeshi, guitarist of THE UNCROWNED – 13.10.2022

CLASSIC METAL: DEICIDE singer and bassist Glen Benton in a 1995 interview on the eve of the release of Once Upon The Cross – 04.1995

CLASSIC METAL: A SUFFOCATION interview hot on the heels of the 1991 EP Human Waste and the Effigy Of The Forgotten LP – 13.03.1992

CLASSIC METAL: A CANNIBAL CORPSE interview with singer Chris Barnes conducted in January 1992 printed here for the first time – 10.01.1992

Interview with MARDELAS singer Hebiishi Marina in English and Japanese – 2021

CLASSIC METAL: A vintage interview with DISMEMBER’s Fred Estby on the heels of the release of the Pieces EP published here for the first time – 11.1992

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with WRATHCHILD AMERICA conducted on the band’s tour bus in Montreal, Canada in the middle of the Touring In The Third Dimension in 1991 – 13.06.1991

Never Say Die: An interview with Japan-based hard rock and heavy metal band ELIZA – 25.04.2022

CLASSIC METAL: A short interview with Glen Benton of DEICIDE conducted following the release of the Legion album in 1992 – 06.10.1992

Shibata Naoto of Japanese heavy metal band ANTHEM sits down with Ali “The Metallian” for another round of interview questions – 08.10.2021

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with drummer Vinny Daze of DEMOLITION HAMMER conducted in 1992 – 06.10.1992

Ali “The Metallian” was the host of Holger Johnen of The Crawling Chaos Records at Metallian Towers for an interview about the label. Read on to find out about the free drinks – 01.01.2022

Three of the four members responsible for STAGWOUNDER join Ali “The Metallian” for an interview – 27.12.2021

An interview with GUERRA TOTAL reveals excusive information about the band’s next album, state of groupies in Colombia, an opinion that death is a female and much about the incredible current album – 09.11.2021

An interview with bass player BJORN ENGLEN to discuss several bands from his past, his current work in DIO RETURNS, SOUL SIGN and more and to ascertain his heritage – 22.10.2021

An interview with multi-faceted singer Kubota Yoko on the SABER TIGER of the past, PUNISH in the present and everything in-between – 29.09.2021

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with the heavy metal band of the ‘80s and ‘90s PLATINUM following the release of Vanitas – 25.08.2021

Interview with Takeshi, guitarist of THE UNCROWNED – 09.08.2021

White metal, Christian band, worshipping Jesus Christ: all this in Japan. It is an interview with IMARI TONES – 31.07.2021

Popular Japanese metal band SABER TIGER is one of that country’s most prolific. Here is an interview with guitarist Kinoshita Akihito – 24.07.2021

CLASSIC METAL: A very early KATAKLYSM interview on the heels of the release of The Death Gate Cycle Of Reincarnation demo – 1992

It only took twenty years, but Ali “The Metallian” interviews Naoto Shibata of ANTHEM at long last – 27.06.2021

CLASSIC METAL: Ali “The Metallian” interviews VIOGRESSION in Montreal as they tour in support of Expound And Exhort – 19.11.1991

The duo behind MOLDE join Ali “The Metallian” at Metallian Towers to discuss their band, The Messenger album and more – 08.03.2021

Tokyo-based Yuichi Kudo Of DESECRAVITY Interview – 22.02.2021

Nikola of VEHEMENTOR gives Metallian an interview and reveals the band is inactive – 15.01.2021

Andrea the bassist for Italy-based IATO visits Metallian Towers to discuss everything related to the group. – 21.11.2020

OPEN MICROPHONE SERIES: Sam Pryor of the band 3000AD speaks to Metallian following the release of the group’s debut album. – 02.08.2020

The singer and drummer for Spain-based [IN MUTE] call into Metallian Towers to breed chaos – 01.05.2020

The members of CREPUSCOLO speak to Metallian about Swedeath, Metal Scrap and YouTomb – 09.01.2020

Viktor Tauszik of Hungary-based NADIR speaks to Metallian and updates our readers – 02.12.2019

WHITEMOUR is a place and a death metal band. Here is an interview regarding the latter – 22.09.2019

Singer Davide and guitarist Claudio of GODLESS ENTHROPIA solve the riddle of Tetracyclic Dominion – 05.08.2019

AORNOS interview with main man Algras who speaks of poetry, black metal, The Great Scorn, Nemesis and more – 18.12.2018

The members of WRATHRONE offer Metallian an interview in the autumn of 2018 – 18.11.2018

Singer Mat and guitarist Fouad of KESS’KHTAK visit Metallian Towers to talk grindcore, retro tour packages and Unwritten Rules Prevail – 22.09.2018

Metallian interviews Luis Maggio of death metal group SUDDEN DEATH and discusses Stillborn, the studio, politics and the scene – 12.09.2018

Tomislav the singer for DEFIANT and Ali “The Metallian” sit down to talk metal, the group’s current album and Star Trek – 06.09.2018

Ali “The Metallian” hosts Ivan Magdalena of Art Gates Records at Metallian Towers to speak about heavy metal, the bands and the business. – 03.08.2018

Singer and guitarist Dani of INJECTOR meets Ali “The Metallian” to speak about our Album Of The Month, Stone Prevails – 25.07.2018

CLASSIC METAL: A interview with singer and guitarist Chuck Schuldiner of DEATH following the release of the Human album – 19.11.1991

An interview with the owner of Brazil-based Arthorium Records – 27.06.2018

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with Jörgen Sandström of Swedish death metal forerunner GRAVE following the release of its debut album – 1991

Singer Petter Hjerpe of Sweden-based MAD HATTER talks to Metallian – 03.04.2018

CLASSIC METAL: A short interview with Lee Harrison of Florida death metal pioneers MONSTROSITY – 1995

Anatoliy of Metal Scrap Records, and its related sub-companies, calls into Metallian Towers to speak about his label, bands and the scene – 15.06.2017

An interview with Morbid of BLACK CULT about the band’s latest album, The Bible and its connection to Lord Of The Rings and metal – 20.05.017

An exclusive and succinct conversation with Kamil of UDS following the release of Phantom Pain – 08.05.2017

CLASSIC METAL: A short interview with Phil Fasciana of thrash and death metal band MALEVOLENT CREATION – 1995

CLASSIC METAL: A short interview with Peter of Poland-based thrash and death metal forerunners VADER – 1995

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with MORBID ANGEL guitarist Trey Azagthoth regarding his ego, id, feelings, supremacy, superiority, being the best and the latest album – 1995

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with Fred Estby of Swedish death metal pioneers DISMEMBER as the band unleashes a Massive Killing Capacity – 1995

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with EXCITER singer and drummer Dan Beehler following the release of the Kill After Kill album through Noise Records – 1992

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with BOLT THROWER guitarist Barry Thomson for the release of the For Victory album – 1994

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with George Robb early member of AGENT STEEL – 07.12.2015

CLASSIC METAL: Canadian thrash metal band SACRIFICE interviewed following the release of the Soldiers Of Misfortune album – 1991

CLASSIC METAL: A interview with SEPULTURA following the release of the Arise album – 22.07.1991

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with SACRED REICH following the release of The American Way album – 22.07.1991

Read an interview with Lelahel of Algerian band LELAHELL upon release of Al Insane… The (Re) Birth Of Abderrahmane – 30.11.2014

CLASSIC METAL: Robert Gonnella formerly of German thrash metal band ASSASSIN talks about the old days as well as his new band RAGING ROB – 17.08.2014

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with Stefan Pöge of DESULTORY upon release of the Bitterness album – 1994

An interview with CINDERELLA singer TOM KEIFER upon release of his solo album The Way Life Goes – 18.04.2014

A SANKTUARY interview upon release of Something Fierce – 27.10.2013

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with JAG PANZER singer Daniel J. Conca for the release of the Dissident Alliance album – 1994

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with MERCYFUL FATE’s King Diamond for the release of the Time album – 1994

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with the Bay Area’s EPIDEMIC and singer Carl Fulli – 1994

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with PUNGENT STENCH upon opening of Club Mondo Bizzare: For Members Only – 1994

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with GOREFEST upon release of Erase – 1994

CLASSIC METAL: AMORPHIS interview upon release of Tales From A Thousand Lakes – 1994

TITANS EVE interview upon release of the independent CD The Divine Equal – 01.05.2011

CLASSIC METAL: DOMINUS interview from 1996 reveals Satanic and Viking connections – 1996

CLASSIC METAL: Frank answers as Max Cavalera talks about SEPULTURA – 1996

CLASSIC METAL: An old interview with Quorthon of BATHORY – 1995

CLASSIC METAL: Jon Nodtveidt of DISSECTION: “The thing is keyboards is no instrument to be used in metal.” – 1996

CLASSIC METAL: An INNER THOUGHT interview upon release of the Perspectives album – 1996

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with TESTAMENT’s James Murphy upon release of the Low album – 1995

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with INCANTATION upon release of Mortal Throne Of Nazarene – 1995

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with SOLITUDE AETERNUS upon release of the Through The Darkest Hour album – 1995

CLASSIC METAL: A 1996 vintage interview with EDGE OF SANITY upon release of Crimson – 1996

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with Peter Tägtgren of HYPOCRISY upon release of the Abducted album – 1996

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with German death metal band FLESHCRAWL upon release of Bloodsoul – 1996

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with CEMETARY’s Mathias Lodmalm upon release of the Sundown album – 1996

CLASSIC METAL: ARCH ENEMY’s very first interview ever was conducted by Ali “The Metallian” and now reprinted here – 1996

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with MONSTROSITY upon release of the Millenium album – 1996

CLASSIC METAL: An early interview with FLESHGRIND by writer/editor Ali “The Metallian” – 1996

CLASSIC METAL: Metallian unearths an interview with the band BENEDICTION – 1995

CLASSIC METAL: Ali “The Metallian” interviews DERANGED on the eve of the release of Rated-X – 1995

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with SUFFOCATION’s Doug Cerrito – 1995

CLASSIC METAL: Ali “The Metallian” interviews Chris Barnes and Allen West of newly formed SIX FEET UNDER separately – 1995

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with Mike of SINISTER upon release of Hate – 1995

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with KING DIAMOND upon release of The Spider’s Lullabye album – 1995

An interview with Faith the singer for the band THE SHIVER – 18.01.2010

An interview with California’s DREAMING DEAD following the release of the Metallian-approved, Within One – 20.11.2009

Metallian catches up with Mat of Montreal band WARCALL following the release of the Demonarchy album – 07.11.2009

CLASSIC METAL: Tim Batkin of CYNIC UK NWOBHM metal band talks history and Suburban Crisis – 18.10.2009

CLASSIC METAL: Metallian unveils a vintage IRON MAIDEN interview from 1992 in print for the first time. – May, 1992

CLASSIC METAL: Metallian unearths an early ENTOMBED interview from 1992 – 26.05.1992

NAPALM DEATH interview – Time Keeps On Slipping, Slipping, Slipping…- 01.06.2009

LION’S SHARE interview upon release of Dark Hours, which is the “sister album to its predecessor” – 19.04.2009

Young MANTIC RITUAL talk to Metallian while on tour – 22.03.2009

Early CRYPTOPSY guitarist Dave Galea remembers the band’s formative days as well as pre-CRYPTOPSY act NECROSIS and his former band REACTOR – 22.02.2009

Metallian magazine conducts an interview with SYLOSIS guitarist Josh Middleton – 22.01.2009

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with MEGADETH’s David Ellefson and Marty Friedman on the occasion of the release of the Countdown To Extinction album – 17.06.1992

Metallian brings you an interview with THE EXALTED PILEDRIVER’s Gord Kirchin for the release of Metal Manifesto – 09.11.2008

Ali “The Metallian” and DISMEMBER’s Martin Persson talk on the eve of the Swedish band’s tour of Canada – 19.10.2008

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with ‘80s heavy metal band EXCESS – 07.09.2008

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with EPIDEMIC singer Carl Fulli – March, 1992

FACEBREAKER interview with guitarist Mika following the release of Dead, Rotten And Hungry – 28.06.2008

Matt Johnsen of PHARAOH upon release of Be Gone talks about Iced Earth, Metal Blade and the music business “It is impossible to feel bad for record labels when illegal downloading is screwing them.” – 14.06.2008

ZERO HOUR’s Jasun Tipton upon release of Dark Deceiver: we are going to push the limits of what we have. – 14.06.2008

BELPHEGOR interview with Helmuth on Bondage Goat Zombie: “the music is perfect. The cover is perfect. The band is also perfect…” – 12.04.2008

DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN on going to California – 07.02.2008

AMON AMARTH: “We want to be a headlining band everywhere” – 21.12.2007

Nils K. Rue of PAGAN’S MIND on religion, god, the star gate and David Bowie. – 15.12.2007

WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM interview: black metal in new places – 28.11.2007

Metallian conducts a BEHEMOTH interview with Nergal upon release of The Apostasy – 26.11.2007

ENTOMBED’s Alex Hellid slithers and speaks to Metallian following the release of Serpents Saints – 12.10.2007

Mirai Kawashima of SIGH grants Metallian an interview following the release of Hangman’s Hymn – 12.10.2007

Of Human Bondage: Singer Andreas Stenlund of TME speaks to Metallian upon release of the Worlds Collide debut – 06.10.2007

ARCH ENEMY interview with Michael Amott: Spinal Tap, Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons – 01.10.2007

SKELETONWITCH – Black. Death. Thrash. – 24.09.2007

AGUA DE ANNIQUE – Anneke’s Water And Air – 24.09.2007

GOREFEST’s drummer Ed Warby gives Metallian an interview to coincide with the group’s latest album, Rise To Ruin – 10.09.2007

THRESHOLD interview with Richard West following the surprise exit of singer Andrew ‘Mac’ McDermott – 09.08.2007

Taryn and Richard of DRUGS OF FAITH talk about music, politics, relationships and more during an interview with Metallian – 27.07.2007

Erol Sora spends a Demented Hour speaking to Metallian about hard rock this side of the new century – 14.07.2007

Mick Cervino of VIOLENT STORM on his band and notable collaborators. – 05.07.2007

Rob Halford speaks with Ali “The Metallian” about a variety of topics including his new release Metal God Essentials – Volume 1 – 08.06.2007

Udo Dirkschneider speaks with Metallian again following the release of Mastercutor – 23.05.2007

OPEN MICROPHONE SERIES: Guitarist Jasun Tipton of ZERO HOUR chats with Ali “The Metallian” about the topics of the day – 05.05.2007

Lord Worm speaks exclusively to Metallian about his departure from CRYPTOPSY – 30.04.2007

Metallian’s repeat interview partner Richard West of THRESHOLD reckons Dead Reckoning is a step or two forward for his band – 08.04.2007

CLASSIC METAL: Mick Moore rings up Ali “The Metallian” in order to set the record straight regarding the news out of the AVENGER camp. – 07.04.2007

CLASSIC METAL: Metallian tracks down Jimmy Santoro of ‘70s group (AMERICAN) RAM JAM to exclusively retell the band’s history – 31.03.2007

MELECHESH’s Ashmedi talks about new album Emissaries, the band’s past and future and more in an interview with Ali “The Metallian” – 19.12.2006

Bastardized Recordings’ newest band FEAST FOR THE CROWS speaks to Metallian regarding the When All Seems To Be Burned album – 16.12.2006

SKID ROW’s Rachel Bolan on Revolutions Per Minute and the life and times of the band – 13.10.2006

German heavy metal band SENCIROW on Perception Of Fear – 10.09.2006

Thimios of Greece’s INNERWISH on Inner Strength, LMP and heavy metal – 27.08.2006

Exclusive BLIND GUARDIAN interview upon the release of A Twist In The Myth – 20.08.2006

Jacob Bredahl of HATESPHERE calls Metallian Towers in the name of sickness, thrash and metal – 28.06.2006

A rare interview with guitarist and founder Victor of ENOCHIAN CRESCENT upon construction of Black Church – 16.06.2006

Cold day in hell: Metallian interview with CELTIC FROST bassist Martin Eric Ain in advance of the release of the Monotheist album – 04.05.2006

A somber Tom Angelripper of SODOM discusses the band’s new and self-titled album, the band’s video, the music business, Kreator and Destruction – 25.04.2006

Interview with Italy’s NOCTIFER in response to the recent release of Manifesta Superbia – 19.04.2006

POISON drummer Rikki Rockett interviewed upon release of The Best Of Poison: 20 Years Of Rock – 17.04.2006

IAN GILLAN rings up Metallian to talk about Gillan’s Inn, Deep Purple, Dio, Ritchie Blackmore and more – 17.04.2006

CLASSIC METAL: Mem Von Stein recalls EXUMER and the early heady days of thrash metal – 16.04.2006

BLIND GUARDIAN man Hansi Kürsch on the Fly single, coming album, sales figures and Savage Circus – 15.04.2006

KRISIUN’s Max Kolesne interviewed following the release of the AssassiNation album – 05.04.2006

Minoru Niihara of LOUDNESS chats with Metallian about the band’s history, reunion and the future of the Japanese four – 24.03.2006

Mika Luttinen of IMPALED NAZARENE speaks up on his band, its status, new album Pro Patria Finlandia and addresses his reputation as a right wing Finnish jingoist – 22.03.2006

Guitarist Archaon of 1349 speaks about Hellfire, Candlelight, Celtic Frost, black metal and religion – 01.03.2006

Ali “The Metallian” interviews newcomer band DEVIANT following the release of Larvaeon and finds out that not all is well – 18.02.2006

Metallian Towers hosts the members of GUN BARREL for a free-for-all chat about the new album Bombard Your Soul and more – 14.02.2006

Morpheas of NAER MATARON discusses new album Discipline Manifesto, black metal and the Greek scene with Ali “The Metallian” – 31.12.2005

UDO rings up Ali “The Metallian” to chat about his new album Mission No. X and do a historical round up! – 23.11.2005

David Perri trashes MUNICIPAL WASTE – 26.10.2005

An exclusive and revealing chat with Lord Worm of CRYPTOPSY on the eve of the release of Once Was Not – 01.10.2005

Panos Dedes of CASUS BELLI talks to Metallian following the release of In The Name Of Rose – 15.09.2005

HYPOCRISY interview on the subject of 2005’s album, Virus – 04.09.2005

Jarkko of ADRAMELECH talks to Metallian following the release of Terror Of Thousand Faces – 30.08.2005

Metallian interviews ARCH ENEMY’s Mike Amott upon release of Doomsday Machine on a rare day off in between Ozzfest days. – 05.08.2005

An interview with death metal martyrs, HOUR OF PENANCE – 03.08.2005

Metallian interviews Ralf Scheepers of PRIMAL FEAR in advance of the release of Seven Seals – 19.05.2005

David Perri speaks to Barney Greenway of NAPALM DEATH – 05.05.2005

Anders Johansson of HAMMERFALL on the occasion of the release of Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken – 16.04.2005

Singer Andy B. Franck of BRAINSTORM speaks to us about monsters and metal – 14.04.2005

Newly on Century Media, IMPALED talks to Metallian – 01.03.2005

Shyaithan of IMPIETY gives Ali “The Metallian” an interview for the release of Paramount Evil – 20.02.2005

Metallian brings you the result of an OLYMPOS MONS interview upon release of the Conquistador album. – 10.02.2005

An interview with MERCENARY “Buzz Buzz Buzz Band Status” on the occasion of the release of 11 Dreams – 10.02.2005

No drink, interruption or mobile telephone connection can get in the way of Metallian presenting an interview with Alexi Laiho of Children Of Bodom – 28.01.2005

OPEN MICROPHONE SERIES: Ali “The Metallian” chats with Threshold’s keyboardist Richard West about politics, religion and inspiration – 11.12.2004

CLASSIC METAL: Metallian compiles the history of Blacktask through a chat with the band’s Warren Appleby – 20.10.2004

King Diamond gives Metallian an interview on the eve of the release of Deadly Lullabyes – Live and speaks of the recording, upcoming projects and Mercyful Fate – 09.10.2004

Ola Lindgren of Grave interviewed for the release of Fiendish Regression: South Of Sweden, Knutby murders, Entombed and more! – 12.09.2004

Drummer Lorenzo of thrash metal unit Hatework gives Metallian an interview – 07.09.2004

Who or what is Vagh and what does a new hard rock band from Sweden have to offer the world? – 29.08.2004

Ali “The Metallian” interviews an engaging Richard West of the progressive metal band Threshold at the dawn of the release of the Subsurface album – 22.08.2004

Returning maniac and singer Lord Worm of Cryptopsy updates Metallian with the latest news surrounding the band – 20.08.2004

Dream Evil’s Gus G. speaks with Metallian exclusively and promotes The Book Of Heavy Metal album – 15.06.2004

Fred Estby Of death metal veterans Dismember speaks to Ali “The Metallian” – 08.06.2004

CLASSIC METAL: An interview with E.F. Band for the release of Their Finest Hours CD. – 05.06.2004

A Balance Of Power interview with drummer and producer Lionel Hicks – 25.04.2004

Exclusive transatlantic Q&A with Hearse on the occasion of the release of Armageddon, Mon Amour album – 15.04.2004

Metallian interviews singer Urban Breed upon release of Tad Morose’s album Modus Vivendi – 15.03.2004

An interview with French death metal powerhouse Kronos – 03.03.2004

Metallian presents a Hypocrisy interview with bassist Mikael Hedlund in time for The Arrival album – 04.02.2004

Metallian speaks with guitarist Fluffy of England’s Gorerotted – 01.02.2004

Guitarist Cedric Dupont of power metallers Symphorce calls Metallian for the promotion of the current album Twice Second – 01.02.2004

A Metallian interview with the latest Osmose Production storm troopers, Sweden’s Bestial Mockery – 30.01.2004

Metallian interviews Italy’s Sigma upon release of the Win Or Lose album – 15.12.2003

CLASSIC METAL: Metallian brings you the complete story of NWOBHM act Weapon – 20.09.2003

CLASSIC METAL: Mick Moore, the influential NWOBHM member of Blitzkrieg and Avenger, talks exclusively to Metallian about the movement and the seminal bands. – 15.09.2003

Kjetil Hektoen of Norwegian heavy metal band Enthral calls Metallian Towers – 01.09.2003

Soul Demise bassist Andreas Bradl calls Metallian Towers in order to discuss the band’s In Vain release – 08.08.2003

An interview with Ludo of French death metallers Carnal Lust – 05.08.2003

Ali “The Metallian” reaches Mindfield’s Philip Akoto at home on the occasion of the release of Be-low – 20.07.2003

To promote Savage Or Grace the latest album of the death metallers, Sinister’s Alex contacts us from The Netherlands and speaks to Ali “The Metallian” – 15.06.2003

Metal Blade’s Callenish Circle interview on the occasion of the release of My Passion // Your Pain – 08.06.2003

Bangkok Babes guitarist Lars Forseth talks to Ali “The Metallian” – 20.05.2003

Helloween guitarist Michael Weikath checks in with Metallian Towers on the eve of the release of Rabbit Don’t Come Easy – 04.05.2003

Mikael Sandorf of The Duskfall answers Metallian Towers’ summons – 24.04.2003

Dutch techno-death metal band Cromm Cruac contact us for a comprehensive interview. – 18.04.2003

Simon of Cataract talks to – 30.03.2003

Arkhon Infaustus speak to Ali “The Metallian” on the occasion of the release of the Filth Catalyst album – 25.03.2003

Dream Evil guitarist calls Ali “The Metallian” to speak about the band’s second album Evilized. – 02.03.2003

Metallian comes face-to-face with Judas Priest singer Ripper Owens and discovers that he might come to your house to kill! Read on. – 14.02.2003

Into The Grave with singer/guitarist Ola Lindgren. – 15.01.2003

Guitarist Antonio De Yta grants us the final interview of Buried Dreams. It is an end and a beginning. – 04.01.2003

Lady Martex of Polish newcomers Enter Chaos speaks with Ali “The Metallian” about the band’s recently-released debut Dreamworker – 30.12.2002

Paul Logue of hard rockers Cry Havoc speaks to on the occasion of the release of Fuel That Feeds The Fire – 24.12.2002

Adrian Bromley of Unrestrained! magazine speaks to us about all things in the realm of metal publication – 14.12.2002

Singer Johan Hegg of Sweden’s Amon Amarth speaks on the occasion of the release of Versus The World – 06.12.2002

CLASSIC METAL: Metallian presents an exclusive interview with Weapon/Wildfire/Statetrooper guitarist Jeff Summers – 29.11.2002

An interview with Mucupurulent on the occasion of the release of Soulreaver – 11.11.2002

Zinny J Zan contacts Metallian Towers and answers a few questions about his new album City Boy Blues on FastLane Records – 10.11.2002

Guitarist Mike Kischnick takes time from his abattoir duties long enough to chat about Empyria and the new album Sense Of Mind – 02.11.2002

We speak with Dream Evil guitarist Gus G. as the Swedish power metallers get ready to return to the studio in order to record their second album – 16.10.2002

CLASSIC METAL: Legendary hard rock vocalist Gary Barden chats with Ali “The Metallian” about his background including MSG, Statetrooper, Praying Mantis and Silver – 08.10.2002

Tobias Sammet of Avantasia speaks to Metallian on the eve of the release of The Metal Opera Pt. II – 01.10.2002

An honest and introspective chat with Riot vocalist Mike DiMeo on the occasion of the release of Through The Storm – 23.09.2002

Manowar walk through the mall in loin clothes, height factor, Toronto is not Stuttgart and just look at his Top 10…it’s Tim Henderson the editor for Canada’s Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles – 21.09.2002

Christofer Malmstrom of Darkane speaks with Ali “The Metallian” about the band’s first Nuclear Blast Records release entitled Expanding Senses – 10.09.2002

The telephone rings at Metallian Towers. It is The Berzerker calling from Australia – 09.09.2002

Has Threshold’s fan base reached critical mass? Keyboardist Rich West calls Ali “The Metallian” to discuss Threshold’s new release – 07.09.2002

Maurice of Dutch thrashers Occult has Rage To Revenge on his mind – 05.09.2002

Sean McGrath of Impaled calls Metallian Towers and gives Ali “The Metallian” a comprehensive look into the world of Impaled – 31.08.2002

Guitarist Jeff Longo of Blood Of Christ talks to Metallian about the new album As The Rain Gently Falls – 18.08.2002

Ali “The Metallian” gets cat scratch fever and interviews The Great Kat – 07.08.2002

Vader’s singer and guitarist Peter calls into Metallian Towers and speaks of the band’s latest album which is entitled Revelations – 11.07.2002

Phenix’s Bertrand Gramond contacts Metallian Towers in order to introduce his band – 09.07.2002

OPEN MICROPHONE SERIES: Drummer Nicke Grabwoski of The Forsaken chats with on the occasion of the release of the band’s second album Arts Of Desolation – 08.07.2002

CLASSIC METAL: Wolf Hoffmann gives an exclusive and revealing look at the career of heavy metal legends Accept – 17.06.2002 interviews Dead Soul Tribes Devon Graves for the Insideout-issued debut album – 12.06.2002

Guitarist Gus G. calls Metallian Towers to introduce his band, the Gothenburg-based Dream Evil – 31.05.2002

Four out of five members Earache’s newest signing Insision visit Metallian Towers to discuss Beneath The Folds Of Flesh – 31.05.2002

Danny Montgomery of Ritual Carnage thrashes his way to the foot of Metallian Towers to talk about The Birth Of Tragedy – 24.05.2002

Two members of Finland’s Requiem contact us to introduce their band and the debut album The Arrival – 19.05.2002

Daemon’s Anders Lundemark speaks with about his latest album and other developments – 05.05.2002

Primal Fear vocalist Ralf Scheepers calls Ali “The Metallian” to speak about Black Sun and the band’s plans – 02.05.2002

Necropolis Records owner Paul Thind visits Metallian Towers to chat about his label and the scene – 24.04.2002

Arch Enemy’s Michael Amott speaks with – 31.03.2002

Ali “The Metallian” goes to great lengths to interview Digestor of Creepsylvania’s gore metallers Ghoul – 26.03.2002 entertains Century Media president Marco Barbieri at Metallian Towers and brings you the result of the conversation – 13.03.2002 chats with Anders Edlund of Swedish extremists Solar Dawn – 04.03.2002