The Gate Of Pleasure - 1999 - WAR
Highest Beauty - 2001 - WAR

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S= Armageddon>>Jonas Nyren>>Armageddon - Wombbath>>Thomas Lindfors
G= Carnal Forge, Steel Attack>>JARI KUUSISTO>>Carnal Forge, Steel Attack – Wombbath>>HÅKAN STUVEMARK>>Skineater, Steel Attack, Bloodgut, Ghoulhouse
B= Fredrik Ericsson - Carnal Forge>>PETRI KUUSISTO>>Carnal Forge, Asperity, Reignsaw
D= Carnal Forge, Steel Attack>>STEFAN WESTERBERG>>Carnal Forge, Asperity, World Below, Steel Attack, Skineater, Leech

Sala’s In Thy Dreams is inextricably linked to Carnal Forge. The Stream Of Dispraised Souls MCD of 1997 preceded the much-delayed debut. The band was founded in 1996 and recorded a demo in that year.

The band was reportedly dead after several members decided to concentrate on Carnal Forge and the departure of singer Lindfors. Asperity was signed to Arise Records.


In Thy Dreams is one of the scarce bands leaving me in an agnostic state of mind. On the positive side, these Carnal Forge musicians utilize nothing but pure metal elements in constructing their music. The band is reminiscent of the Gothenburg sound and mixes multiple semi-technical layers with speedy and clean patterns. No outside influences and a screaming singer add to to the cause. On a negative note, In Thy Dreams does not even scratch the surface of originality. One can be forgiven for living a deja vu all throughout the ten thrash-tinged death metal songs. The only deviation (perhaps) occurs with the main riff of Control which is probably a deliberate Morbid Angel emulation. Otherwise there is little reason to recommend In Thy Dreams. Incidentally look at the cover of Highest Beauty and then look at the cover of the new Naglfar album Ex Inferis both of which are drawn by the same artist. They seem like complementary back and front drawings of the same creature. - Ali "The Metallian"


In Thy Dreams