Excursion Demise - 1991 - Black Mark
Weave The Apocalypse - 1993 - Black Mark
Dying To Live - 1995 - Progress
Through The Flesh To The Soul - 2003 - Scarlet

Invocator image
S= Beyond Twilight, Maceration, Devils Fuel>>JACOB HANSEN>>Maceration, Beyond Twilight, Devils Fuel, Anubis Gate

G= Jakob Schultz>>Maceration, Eidetic, Anubis Gate - Beyond Twilight, Maceration>>JACOB HANSEN>>Maceration, Beyond Twilight, Anubis Gate, Pyramaze - PERLE HANSEN - Autumn Leaves, Scavanger, The Arcane Order>>FLEMMING C. LUND>>Scavanger, The Arcane Order

B= V-Axe>>Jesper Jensen>>Geronimo, Anubis Gate, Extreme Feedback - Mindsweep>>Per Jakobsen - Carsten Mikkelsen

D= Per M. Jensen>>Konkhra, Daemon, Nightrage, Artillery, The Haunted - Withering Surface, The Downward Candidate>>JAKOB GUNEL>>The Downward Candidate, Withering Surface

History & Biography
Invocator was formed in Esbjerg, Denmark in 1986 and soon assaulted the underground with a series of thrash metal demos, rehearsals and live tapes. The band’s Jacob Hansen and Jakob Schultz were serious participants in the underground and traded tapes and wrote for underground zines. They spread the band’s demo tapes far and wide. The band was often compared to Dark Angel.

Following a live tape the band issued its Genetic Confusion and Alterations tapes before signing to Black Mark. The debut was recorded in Stockholm at Montezuma. The band had preferred to record at Sunlight Studio, but was overridden by Black Mark. Schultz had left the band after being asked to switch to bass because the new member was much better a guitarist than he was. During its tenure with Black Mark the band consistently complained about a lack of support and, in particular, the label’s disdain and inattention for arranging or funding tours. The band finally managed to get a couple of shows with Paradise Lost. The band issued a compilation and a live album on Nuclear Blast before throwing in the towel.

Jacob Hansen founded Serious Entertainment and began recording bands in earnest. He has since become a respected producer.

The band reunited, albeit with a new line-up in 2000, and issued a demo in 2002 featuring drummer Jakob Gundel. Having obtained a deal with Scarlet Records the band soon issued a new full-length album. Hansen joined his old band-mate in Anubis Gate in January of 2006.