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History & Biography
Iron Cross was formed in Orlando, Florida in 1979 with Max Chuites on bass. The group's first gig was on New year's Eve in 1979. The line-up was Mike Skelton on vocals and guitar, Max Chuites on bass and Tony Blair on drums. Max left and was replaced by Jody Cole. The band, which was reportedly white metal, issued a 1986 demo, which was reissued in 2001 by Iron Glory Records. The band also issued a demo called Die Like That in 1987, which was part of the CD re-release years later. Jody left the band after Die Like That and was replaced with Kris Tarr on bass. Pieces was the next demo. Dan Bippes took over the bass.

O.P.M. Records issued the band’s music on vinyl, which was announced for 1998. Iron Glory did the same on CD. Halloween was a 1999 demo. The band itself had broken up in the early 1990s and awakened because of the rerelease proposals from the labels.

More recently, the band reformed, planned a new album and even played the Kalamazoo Classic Metal Festival. Rex Alan left in 2004 to be replaced by his former Wraith colleague. American Tour 2004 was an independent CD in 2004.

Mike Skelton died of cancer in 2014. Tony Blair took over the vocals. The band appeared in Athens and the Keep It True XIX Festival in Germany in 2016. Rex Alan died in 2021.



Iron Cross