Worse Than Dead - A389


S= Municipal Waste>>TONY FORESTA>>Municipal Waste
G= Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse, Volture>>LAND PHIL [PHILIP KYLE HALL]>>Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse - ANS>>MARK BRONZINO>>ANS
B= Darkest Hour>>Paul Burnette - Hellbear>>ROB SKOTIS>>Hellbear
D= Suppression, Years, Darkest Hour, Disinterment>>RYAN PARRISH>>Suppression, Years


Relapse Records signed Richmond, Virginia crossover group, Iron Reagan in 2014. A new record was due that autumn. The Side-project of Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour members was formed in 2012. A Demo 2012 was followed by a full-length called Worse Than Dead courtesy of A389 Recordings. Exhumed, Dying Fetus and Iron Reagan toured together at the end of 2013. Iron Reagan was touring the USA in April of 2014. The band was touring first with the Occultist and then with Ghoul and Occultist as part of the Weapons Of Mosh Destruction II tour. Tankcrimes Records issued a split with Exhumer to start 2014.



Iron Reagan