Ironsword - 2002 - The Miskatonic Foundation
Return Of The Warrior - 2004 - The Miskatonic Founation
Overlords Of Chaos - 2008 - Shadow Kingdom
None But The Brave – 2015 – Shadow Kingdom
Servants Of Steel – 2020 – Alma Mater

Ironsword image
G= Decayed, Moonspell, Cunnilingus>>TANN>>Cunnilingus
B= Decayed>>Victor “Axemaster” - Morbid Lust, Axe Murderers, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium>>Rick Thor>>Filii Nigrantium Infernalium – Merciless Death, Fallen Angel>>JORGE MARTINS
D= Ricardo “Hammer” – Beto – Archaic Tomb, Viles Vitae>>JOAO MONTEIRO>>Archaic Tomb, Viles Vitae

Ironsword is both a video game and a Portuguese band playing metal. The band evolved from being the project of former Moonspell man Taan and issued a demo in 1995. Another demo followed in 1998. The group delved into the fantasy realms as concepts on its albums and showed influences by Conan The Barbarian writer Robert E. Howard. Ironsword was on stage at Milan, Italy’s Play It Loud festival in February of 2007. The group’s third album appeared courtesy of American label Shadow Kingdom.


Ironsword is often called a doom metal band by fans and media. Who knows why? The Portuguese band is a traditional heavy metal band with many references to Goddess Of Desire, Manowar, Iron Maiden and Manilla Road. Mark W. Shelton of Manilla Road is a guest singer on three of the album’s songs, An Ending In Fire, Overlords Of Chaos and Call of Cthulhu. It is a band dedicated to epic, pounding metal that sings of goblins, Stygia, Styx, hordes and warriors and a singer, Tann, whose vocals are the throatiest one has ever heard. The lyrics and concepts are influenced by Robert Ervin Howard, the writer behind Conan The barbarian. Incidentally, he was also the author of The Shadow Kingdom and an influence on the whole label thingie here. Tann sounds proud and arrogant. The music does get upbeat and galloping - see, no doom here - and is often thick in bass guitar. There are numerous early Iron Maiden riffs on nearly every song, but the references come to one only after multiple listens. Once you hear them though they are unmistakeable and audible all over the album. The packaging is cool with great artwork, but the band has made one of the more classic mistakes and stretched its album to nearly an hour’s length, which is too long. It all gets a little long in the tooth and the songs begin to blur into one another.
One quick look at the band’s biography on Metallian is bound to disappoint. As true and traditional as the overlord is the members have dabbled in everything from death metal to porn and pussy and goth and hence have little credibility in their latest arena. Consider that. - Anna Tergel