Rise - 1990 - EMI
Vague Visions - 1993 - Rising Sun
A Safe Look In Mirrors - 1995 - Rising Sun

Jackal image
S= Brian Rich>>Shermann Soldiers, Narita

G= Mercyful Fate, Evil, Trash, Pretty Maids>>Benny Petersen

B= Claus Weiergang>>Furious Trauma, Zoser Mez, Gutrix - Sören Hee Johansen - BRIAN JØRGENSEN

D= Prayer>>Per Fisker - JENS LARSEN

History & Biography
Jackal was formed in Copenhagen in 1987 and immediately issued a self-titled demo. The act was successful and obtained a contract with EMI with a debut appearing in 1990. This album was re-issued in Asia with a different jacket. The second album was recorded in the USA with bassist Sören Hee Johansen for Rising Sun Records of Germany. Charlie Bauerfeind produced the third album. Brian Rich was replaced by Carsteen Olsen and the band changed its name to Encore. A demo was issued by a reformed act in 2003, which did not feature Benny Petersen.