Eden - 1995 - CCP
Elsewhere - 1996 - CCP
Glow Dying Sun - 1999 - CCP
Gloom Rock Asylum - 2000 - Serenades
Self Abusing Uglysex Ungod - 2002 - Wait And Bleed
Wannadie Songs - 2005 – Massacre
My Own Private Hell – 2008 - Silverdust

Jack Frost image
S= The Passengers, Sex Sex Sex>>PHRED PFINSTER [MANFRED KLAHRE]>>The Passengers, Sex Sex Sex
B= Sex Sex Sex, Superguitars, The Borderliners>>PHRED PFINSTER [MANFRED KLAHRE]>>Sex Sex Sex, Superguitars, The Borderliners
D= Stehtrommler Hirsch, The Borderlines>>COLLOSSOS ROSSOS [MARTIN KOLLROSS]>>Stehtrommler Hirsch, The Borderlines

Former alternative rock musicians Phred and Mournful formed Jack Frost in Linz in 1989 as a direct result of being exposed to Saint Vitus - hence the band’s name, which is a Vitus song. The act’s line-up has demonstrated resiliency over the years.

Phred not only sang, but also handled the drums. Nothing much transpired until 1993 when Rossos joined the band as drummer which shifted Phred to bass, as well as remaining on vocals. The line-up recorded a demo called Wish and another called Maelstrom and played several shows. The band signed to the Austrian label CCP (owner of the studio of the same name) and recorded three albums. The albums were supported through regional tours and appearances at festivals like Wacken.

A lack of progress prompted the band to look for new blood. Guitarist Gloom was the band’s line-up change and addition which occurred in 1999. The group disbanded following Self Abusing Uglysex Ungod, but reformed a year later. The band next signed to Wait And Bleed/Napalm Records. This label was soon dissolved and the band moved on to Massacre records for Wannadie Songs, which was recorded, where else, at CCP Studio.

My Own Private Hell was again on another record label. Its cover could have been the cover of Saint Vitus’ debut were it not in Barbie pink. Porn To Hula and the band released a joint live demo CD called Live In Novosibirsk in 2009, which stemmed from 2008. Another demo, through the band’s Gloom Rock Enterprises’ imprint, was sold during a tour with Isole in 2015. Blackest EP - Tour Edition 2015 was the first release in six years no less. The full-length demo Mélaina Cholé arrived in the same year. Mélaina Cholé means ‘Black Bile’ and forms the basis of the word we know today as ‘melancholy.’ The concept and words stem from ancient Greece. The Fall demo of 2017 featured an worrying cover and was again released by the band’s imprint. Helmut Bacher/Hell Baker of Stand To Fall, Sex Sex Sex, The Borderliners and Legacy Of Hate joined the band on guitar in 2018. The act had three guitars now. The Great Dying was the 2020 demo. Phred Phinster was stricken with cancer in 2021 and half the band had COVID, whch had slowed the band down considerably. Phred also had had neck surgery. The group was at Doom Studio recording in late 2022, which was long postponed due to the aforementioned reasons.



Jack Frost