Moment Of Reckoning - 2005 - Zero-Sum
A Plague Of People - 2008 - Battle Flag

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B= Lesserknowngod, Devourment, Daemon>>Joseph J. Fontenot - CHRIS PATTERSON

D= Lesserknowngod>>Tommy Crooks - Crematorium>>JOSH MONTANO

History & Biography
Jacknife, a Dallas, Texas crossover band was formed in late 1999. The band suffered from many line-up changes, but managed to issue the Silenced No More and Today We Fight recordings. Bassist Joseph J. Fontenot would opt to depart in 2004, but would soon return.

The band would obtain a recording deal with the young label Zero Sum (formed by Damageplan and LOSA managers) and issue a full-length in September of 2005. Joseph J. Fontenot would take his leave again and be replaced by former Bloodties man Chris Patterson. Drummer Tommy Crooks would be asked to leave and was replaced by Crematorium’s Josh Montano. The band signed a deal with Battle Flag Records in mid-2008 and announced its second album, A Plague Of People, for September.


Moment of Reckoning arrived at Metallian Towers without any fanfare. Apparently, the band is a Dallas, Texas-based band and Zero Sum Recordings is a new label from the same area. The band calls its music "Texas Style brutality" which is a right turn-off fast because one either thinks of the poseur-isms of Pantera or George War Bush's terrorism wrecking the world with such a description which, either way, is a bad thing.
The good news is that Jacknife is neither of those things. In accordance with the trends of the day, the band or the label throw words like 'hardcore' and 'metalcore' about in the band's biography, but the quintet is a really a riff-based very heavy metal outfit with the odd melodic flourish. The emphasis in this band is on creating rhythms that punish the ears and vocals which emphasize a guttural sound for the band, but songs like Tears Fall Endless with its melody and clean backing chants or Stand Your Ground with its stimulating guitar solo ensure the band is more than just another name in a crowded field. Indeed, the band's music is deceptively competent and compelling and, as a song like Destined To Rise appropriately demonstrates, Jacknife has the dynamics to be attractive to both US metal and the Scandinavian metal movement's fans.
Given its profile Jacknife is no more than a dark horse on the metal scene. Things could change if the band determines its destiny without resorting to flavour-of-day spins and if more people get to hear or hear of the group. - Ali "The Metallian"