S.i.n.>>JAG WIRE - USA

Made In Heaven - 1985 – Target/SPV

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S= Art Deresh>>AWOL


B= Magic, Rough Cutt, Ratt>>Joey Cristo [Joey Cristofanilli]>>Radio 9, Silver Xtreme

D= The Greg Leon Invasion>>Carl Elizondo

K= Rise, Ripper, Aircraft, Badaxxe>>VINCE GILBERT>>The Cult, London, D’Priest, Mother Mary

History & Biography
Jag-wire was founded in Los Angeles, California when all members, with the exception of the bassist, left Azra Records’ band Sin. Jag-wire was complete with the introduction of Cristo, although the members were forced to change their monicker from S.i.n. (as a connection to their former act, Sin) following legal pressure from Sin’s bassist Rik Fox. Fox had been booted from Sin. The full-length showcased a hard rock band with a singer reminiscent of Brian Johnson and AC/DC. Jag Wire was history by 1987. Deresh had been replaced by singer Robin Kroft.

Made In Heaven… Not Dead Yet was a 2021 re-release featuring several bonus tracks. The material partly was intended for the band’s second record. It features Red Sea singer Robert Basauri, later Saigon Kick bassist Chris McLernon on guitar and Cold Sweat drummer Anthony White. Vince Gilbert has remastered the album.



Jag Wire